New wireless network

  brewersfan 17:36 16 Oct 2003

This question has probably been raised before, but I can't find the exact answer to what I'm looking for, so apologies if you've all heard it before.

We want to set up a wireless network, and already have broadband (via telewest), two pcs currently connected via ethernet, and an un-networked laptop. The broadband modem only has 1 unused port at the back, but its connection to the main pc is usb. The question is really, what additional equipment do we need to purchase? A router, and cards for each computer? I understand the current network transfer (or should that be broadband connection)is supposed to be about 512Kb, and I believe there are a number of protocols to consider on the pc cards, but I stand to be corrected.

Any advice gratefully received...

  bremner 20:21 16 Oct 2003

If the PC's are already are connected via Ethernet then they have the required network card (or onboard LAN).

The best way to share the broadband is a router. Then the set up is:

Cable modem to router.
Cable from each PC to router

  brewersfan 15:03 18 Oct 2003


just for clarification, you say I need wireless access points for all machines on the proposed network? also, how does each machine get a broadband connection without me having to switch the main one on?


  brewersfan 16:09 18 Oct 2003

ok, I've just come across something that says I can add a "base station" between the able modem and the main pc, and this seems to mean I won't need the main one turned on all the time. does that make sense?


  brewersfan 17:24 18 Oct 2003

thanks for that, I'll get the necessary gear. I hadn't thought of cabling the two desktops together... should save a bit of money!


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