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  brewersfan 17:36 16 Oct 2003

This question has probably been raised before, but I can't find the exact answer to what I'm looking for, so apologies if you've all heard it before.

We want to set up a wireless network, and already have broadband (via telewest), two pcs currently connected via ethernet, and an un-networked laptop. The broadband modem only has 1 unused port at the back, but its connection to the main pc is usb. The question is really, what additional equipment do we need to purchase? A router, and cards for each computer? I understand the current network transfer (or should that be broadband connection)is supposed to be about 512Kb, and I believe there are a number of protocols to consider on the pc cards, but I stand to be corrected.

Any advice gratefully received...

  bremner 20:21 16 Oct 2003

If the PC's are already are connected via Ethernet then they have the required network card (or onboard LAN).

The best way to share the broadband is a router. Then the set up is:

Cable modem to router.
Cable from each PC to router

  wiznyme 20:50 16 Oct 2003

Buy 2 wireless access points for the PC with the broadband connection this can be internal or USB for laptop can be PCMCIA or USB.

Configure them as Ad Hoc and your away.

  brewersfan 15:03 18 Oct 2003


just for clarification, you say I need wireless access points for all machines on the proposed network? also, how does each machine get a broadband connection without me having to switch the main one on?


  AubreyS 15:06 18 Oct 2003

As far as I know, you have to have the main pc switched on.

  brewersfan 16:09 18 Oct 2003

ok, I've just come across something that says I can add a "base station" between the able modem and the main pc, and this seems to mean I won't need the main one turned on all the time. does that make sense?


  fitshase 17:01 18 Oct 2003

You need to follow Bremner's advice.

If you get a wireless router then you can simply plug the broadband modem into the wireless router via network cable not USB (normally a cable is supplied with the router).

Then, plug the main desktop (the one with the broadband modem connected to it) into the router via a network cable.

Then, the cable that runs between the two desktops needs to be unplugged from the main desktop (the one with the broadband) and plugged into the router.

Then, purchase a wireless PCMCIA card for the laptop, install it and it should pick up the signal from the wireless router.

You will now be able to access the internet from all machines without having to have the main machine switched on all of the time.

The broadband is 512kbps (if you are not subscribed to the 1Mbps or 2Mbps service). The wireless network 802.11b runs at 11Mbps so is more than enough for the broadband. If you stick to the wired network for the desktops (i.e., each desktop plugged into the router) then you will benefit from greater transfer speed between them (not greater internet surfing speed though).



  brewersfan 17:24 18 Oct 2003

thanks for that, I'll get the necessary gear. I hadn't thought of cabling the two desktops together... should save a bit of money!


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