New Wireless Laptop Keeps Dropping Connection?

  FairyWishes 14:57 06 Mar 2006

Hi ya sorry me again :0)
Just bought my New Acer Aspire 1692 wlmi and have it on a wirless router a LINKSYS the silver one lol...

Although its working fine on my main comp it keeps dropping the internet connection on my laptop even tho its showing it as excellent strength if you know what imean een if i put the laptop across from the router like 3 foot away it still keeps dropping connection and its driving me nuts..
My friend has a acer travel mate and he has a seperate card plugged into his as his wirelss card broke within his machine it never drops connection on that.
Should i be worried about this is it normal to keep dropping connection although the signal is excellent all the time?

  ade.h 15:08 06 Mar 2006

It's not normal.

First of all, try two things:

If there are other newtorks in the vicinity, change the channel of yours and make certain that the SSID is being broadcast.

Fine-tune the position of your router to find out if nearby electrical or radio activity is interrupting the signal at periods.

  FairyWishes 16:46 06 Mar 2006

Hi ya i'm not really sure how to do the above, the main router is next to the computer i don't have a cordless phone in that room however i do have one in the lounge downstairs and another bedroom upstairs but like i said my friends othr computer on my connection down and upstairs didn't lose the connection once. He conneted my laptop upto the wireless router as he had previously done his..
So i don't quite understand why his connection to my router is fine yet mine keeps cutting out and it rally does keep cuting out constantly in any of the rooms in thehouse.

There are 3 other options othr people on th estate it was showing up with encrytped connections but we obviously chose ours..
Any help gratefull recieved...

  FairyWishes 13:22 09 Mar 2006

HI just me again i still have not managed to resolve this issue so any advise given would be greatly appreciated..

Not only do i have intermitant disconenctions on my wireless connection and its broadband so i don't think it should be happening.
My laptop now gets a bubble up that says something like;

" cannot reconnect all network drives "

Is it a problem with the laptop does it need returning?

Hey, I've been having a very similar problem since I came back from university for the holidays. My wireless connection keeps cutting out on my laptop, but the main computer is fine and my brother can still access via wireless.

It started with just cutting off when streaming videos but now it cuts out constantly and I'm forever having to reconnect.

Unfortunately I have no way of fixing this yet and was kinda hoping someone might help with a solution. Just thought I'd let ya know it's not unique to your wireless. Maybe we've done something similar in the setup?

  BurrWalnut 15:54 27 Jan 2008

In the router set-up, have you changed the channel number by a factor of 6, e.g. if it's 11 make it 5?

On the laptop have you tried :-
1. Typing the WEP/WPA key in hex rather than as ASCII characters?

2. Uninstalling/reinstalling the wireless adapter in Device Manager?

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