New Windows 8.1 laptop reboots ZyXel router.

  SeamusMor 17:10 19 Sep 2014

I have the misfortune of having a Zyxel router supplied by PO Broadband. On my Windows 7 laptop, there are many dropouts of internet access on a daily basis. These tend to come in batches. I know that my BT line is very noisy.

I have just bought a new Acer laptop with Win 8.1. Every time I try to connect to the internet with it, the router re-boots at least once, sometimes several times. Customer support at PO Broadband has referred me to Microsoft.

Has anybody experienced similar problems, and if so, can you help me?

many thanks in anticipation

  rdave13 17:20 19 Sep 2014

Have a look at this article, click here.

How to perform a Quiet Line test, click here.

  SeamusMor 17:56 19 Sep 2014

Hi rdave13. just checked out the 2 links, looks to me like these are my problems.

in the first article, one suggestion is to turn off live tiles. How can i do that?

many thanks for your quick help.

thank you in anticipation

  rdave13 18:02 19 Sep 2014

On the start page in win 8.1 right click any live tile (mail, news, weather etc) and select 'turn off live tile'. It'll only be a temp solution if it works. Check with your ISP if you can get another router as the one you have isn't very good. Also if the line is noisy report it to your phone supplier.

  SeamusMor 18:05 19 Sep 2014

Please ignore my last post as i have now found out how to turn off live tiles.

Finally got my brain to work and googled the question. it's amazing how thinking for yourself sometimes works, even for a numpty like me.

many thanks for your help, rdave 13

  SeamusMor 18:07 19 Sep 2014

many thanks again for your help rdave13, you're just too fast for me (and a lot smarter).

  rdave13 18:09 19 Sep 2014

If I was a lot smarter I wouldn't have to work for a living :)

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