New windows 8 Laptop causing issues with the internet for other users

  Keliptic 17:14 28 Dec 2013

Hey, ever since i got a new laptop that had windows 8 on it, ive been having problems with routing, for instance when im playing League of legends the queue wont proc up when its supposed to and im constantly losing connection to the server, it also happens in hearthstone where i cannon't see what the opponent it doing on his turn and then my turn will happen while its still his turn on my screen,

Its Really quite annoying. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

Thanks Keliptic.

  Keliptic 17:28 28 Dec 2013

Sorry forgot to mention this only happens when said laptop is on and connected to wifi.

  rdave13 23:36 28 Dec 2013

Try this, reboot the router making sure all your machines are off first. Then connect them all one by one. Start with the Win 8 machine if you like. See if the appropriate ip address are allocated.

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