new to windows 7 - advice needed

  new214 17:35 23 Jan 2010

Hiya all, this is for people who already have a windows 7 netbook or laptop:

* on your laptop/netbook there is usually an icon called volume which when double clicked opens up volume control and shows stuff like wave, volume etc - im sure your familiar with it - do you have the line-in feature as part of the volume control
i.e. does it specifically say line-in within the
volume controls and also does your laptop have a line-in port (usually red port opposed to the headphones port which is usually green)?

* is windows 7 backwards compatible with the follow:
* office 2000
* win-zip and power-archiver
* nero 5
* visual studios 2003
* eclipse
* php
* sony erricson software
* photoshop/adobe software

I have found 2 links to suggest windows 7 is backwards compatible here but would like some feedback from actual users if any:

click here

click here

  john bunyan 18:03 23 Jan 2010

Do you have 64 bit? Have you dowloaded and looked at the MS W7 compatabilty tool?
I have W7 64 bit, and of the programmes you mention, have Photoshop CS4. In 64 bit it installs both the 32 and 64 bit versions. I found that a Canon scanner will only use the Twain interface ib 32 bit, so I launch CS4 in 32 bit for scanning and 64 bit for image manipulation.

  new214 13:46 24 Jan 2010

no i dont have windows 7 yet so Im just looking into it - what about the line-in do you have that feature see my first question in the original post above?

Does anyone else have any ideas on the compatibility of software on windows 7 which i mentioned in my second post? Ive made a post in the windows 7 forums: click here regarding microsoft vitual machine which could be the answer but no one has replied to that post either :(

  mgmcc 14:02 24 Jan 2010

>>> what about the line-in do you have that
>>> feature see my first question in the original post above?

That surely is going to depend on the sound card installed in the particular Laptop/Netbook, rather than Windows 7?

In my particular Win 7 Netbook, when I plug into the "input" jack, a message comes on screen for me to select if I'm using the socket for "Line in" or "Mic in".

  new214 14:41 24 Jan 2010

My reason for asking is because Ive got an old xp notebook and when I plug my av cable into the input jack "line in" - it also comes up with message saying select "Line in" or "Mic in" when I select "Line in" it just says its unsupported so this brings me to upgrading to windows 7 amoungst other various reasons so just wanted to know if its supported as I'd ideally like to have this feature option supported?

Does anyone have any idea regarding the software list or my post in windows 7 forum about windows virutal machine?

  john bunyan 15:10 24 Jan 2010

To check if your machine will run the virtual XP in W7 see here:
click here
Have you downloaded and run the microsoft tool that tells you if your software is compatible?

  new214 17:26 24 Jan 2010

No I dont mean upgrade on my windows xp machine as the spec is no wayyy near windows 7 requirements. What I mean is Im thinking of getting a laptop with windows 7 and apparently you need:
* windows 7 proffessional
* A processor capable of hardware virtualization like Intel VT or AMD-V

Could anyone suggest any laptops which fit this spec - i've been to pc world and they dont have much to do with window 7 pro and have looked around the dell and intel sites but cant find a laptop which mentions anything about hardware virtualization only says windows 7 pro :s

Please note its quite hard finding windows 7 pro machine with hardware virtualization - as i'm lead to believe this sort of technology is aimed at small businesses rather than home users but there aint no way or which i can find of being able to run all my progs listed above without hassle in windows 7 ?

  Lee.C 20:41 24 Jan 2010

Here's a link to a list of Intel processors that do/don't have hardware virtualization... click here

All new AMD processors support hardware virtualization apart from the Sempron and (some) Turion models.

  new214 14:20 25 Jan 2010

Thanks for the link but i still cant find an appropriate laptop here are all the intel laptops filtered by operating system windows 7 proffessional:
click here

Now the link you provided click here
I can see some of the processors listed here but none of the ones which have Intel VT?

I also want to point out I dont wana spend over £550 for a laptop because of my budget i just want one reasonable priced - anyone got any ideas??

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