new window opens little like clipboard

  johnnyrocker 12:43 20 Nov 2011

just recently i have found that anytime i open explorer i get a small pic like a clipboard entry and have to enlarge it to fill the screen, is it an update problem caused this or do i have a pc problem please? XP pro sp3 IE 8


  lotvic 12:48 20 Nov 2011

Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer?

  johnnyrocker 18:53 20 Nov 2011



  johnnyrocker 18:56 20 Nov 2011

a further check reveals it does not happen in firefox


  lotvic 19:04 20 Nov 2011

Try: rightclick on the shortcut to IE | Properties | and in the button marked 'Run' on the dropdown menu alter the setting.

  johnnyrocker 19:10 20 Nov 2011

i dont have that option when i right click all i get is the internet options box, thanks for help


  lotvic 19:33 20 Nov 2011

What exactly are you rightclicking on?

You should be rightclicking on the shortcut that you usually click on to open IE

  johnnyrocker 12:20 21 Nov 2011

i was and it is the usual blue E?


  johnnyrocker 11:39 22 Nov 2011

this only seems to happen with desktop explorer icon as explorer in task bar opens ok. not apparent in firefox?, also unable to apply system restore in that it goes through all the motions then says cant restore it. thanks


  Woolwell 12:38 22 Nov 2011

Try this - open IE. Enlarge the window. Open a second version of IE. Enlarge that window. Close the first version, then close the second version.

  johnnyrocker 16:40 22 Nov 2011

nice one that solves the pic issue now i am left with the system restore problem?


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