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  Spex 18:26 06 Apr 2006

On IE whenever i click a link it opens up in a new window.

how do i fix this?

  Spex 18:40 06 Apr 2006

it happens when i click i site from a google search.

  VoG II 18:55 06 Apr 2006

Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab, Tick Resuse windows for launching shortcuts.

  Spex 19:04 06 Apr 2006

it was already ticked, i unticked, didnt work, reticked, didnt work.

any other ideas?

  skidzy 19:09 06 Apr 2006

Spex,unless im misunderstanding you.....surely it best for you to have the link open in another window,that way you do not lose the orignal page you started your search from.

  Methedrine 19:15 06 Apr 2006

Check your preferences on the google home page. Launch a new window option maybe selected there.

  Spex 19:15 06 Apr 2006

no i prefere in the same window, ive always had it like that. i need to know lol, its beggining to iritate me!

  jimmer409® 19:40 06 Apr 2006

recommend select defaults, in tools/advanced, also in google options/search, should cure problem.

  recap 19:53 06 Apr 2006

option is correct. Googles Preferences option has "Results Window
Open search results in a new browser window" tick box.

  Spex 15:44 07 Apr 2006

have tried google preferances and restore defaults, both dont work, googles p... was unchecked so i checked and unchecked just incase.

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