New Win7 PC somehow gets old Dial-Up Internet entries

  Batch 16:13 05 Nov 2013

Somehow my brother's new Win7 PC ended up with old Dial Up Modem connections defintions on it. If one went into the Internet Options Connections tab, there were two entries. One was for a Broadband Modem and was for the real old telephone line (e.g. 56k modem) dial-up. I removed these. But the question remains as to how they got there?

The only thing that I can think of is that it happened when he put the HDD from his old WinXP PC into a caddy and attached (via USB) to the new PC to get documents, emails, photos etc. off there. I'm guessing that Win7 somehow detected these entries on the old HDD and somehow replicated them.

Now, I've often heard it suggested that what he did is a "recommended" way to transfer files. But is there a fundamental issue with it, as one is attaching another HDD (with an Active Primary Partition)? And does this somehow cause the host OS to get confused?

Or is there some other explanation?

  ashleycardwell94 20:04 10 Nov 2013

Using the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard will transfer transfer "Files & Settings". Dial up connections will therefore be transferred when using the wizard. Nothing will happen if you connect another drive unless you use the wizard.

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