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New Win 10 Desktop Build with SSD & HDD Help

  Giggle n' Bits 09:18 25 Nov 2019

Hello Im building my new Desktop with Windows 10 Home. I have a Samsung SATA SSD & also a Samsung Barracuda Sata HDD. I do not know how to install Windows 10 when you have these 2 Drives. I am understanding that I install 10 on the SSD but do I also have my Sata Hard Drive also connected at the same time when installing 10 ? Also I understand that the Sata HDD is used for my Storage of Documents, Pics, Music & SSD is for Windows and programs Thanks

  x13 11:35 25 Nov 2019

I would install Windows on the SSD without the spinner being connected.I would have the likes of Office installed on the SSD and games and data on the spinner.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:24 25 Nov 2019

Thank You x13 thats what I expected to do. After installing Windows 10 though, should I Install the new Motherboard Drivers then windows 10 updates and application software like office etc first before connecting the as you call it Spinner HDD drive. When connecting the HDD Drive is there anything I need to do to this drive to make it be seen. Then next question is how do I make new saved documents go on the HDD Data Drive? Thanks Steven

  chub_tor 12:33 25 Nov 2019
  x13 12:38 25 Nov 2019

Once you've installed Windows you're good to go to connect the spinner. You'll most probably have to initialise and create new simple volume in disk managment on the drive.

This might be useful How to move Windows 10 default user folders to another drive .

  x13 12:43 25 Nov 2019

I must admit that when I ran that setup I left the default folders alone. Simply creating folders on the data drive worked for me. 'Drive2 download' folder and redirected the browsers to download there. Creating a folder for a game to install to etc.

  Giggle n' Bits 13:10 25 Nov 2019

At the moment I have no Data as in Pictures, Documents or Music. I have backed them all up inc my Bookmarks. This is a new Desktop build and new SSD & new HDD Thanks will look at the links above

  Giggle n' Bits 23:43 03 Dec 2019

Hello Again Sorry for not replying to my post sooner. I thank you for the pointers to how to get the drive/spinner sorted for creating folders like Pics, Docs & music etc.

But what do I need to do first from connecting the HDD/Spinner. Do I have do do something in with the Disk Management ? Thanks Steven

  x13 08:27 04 Dec 2019

Yes - you need to initialise and format the drive. Click here under How to create and format new partition using Disk Management . You can leave that drive as MBR as it's only for data.

  Giggle n' Bits 11:15 04 Dec 2019

Thank U x13 will be back when done

  x13 11:30 04 Dec 2019

Just one note, if your data drive is over 2 TB then it will need to be GPT.

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