New wierless network with router

  [DELETED] 14:12 24 Dec 2003

I want to set up a new wierless network at my dads place so he can connect to his BB connection anywhere at home, without needing to instally network points.

We have got a Belkin wierless router and some Belikin network cards. Right now the modem is connected through the USB ports since he has no previous network card installed.

However, reading the instuction manual (for a change) it says I need to connect the modem though the network interface to set up the router to connect to the modem- except he has no network card other than the wireless card. Hence my dillema.

Latter on it tells me to WIRE up the router to the computer. Erm... again, same problem...
My computer has a network card in it, but a different Mac address. When I look up the mac address on my dads computer it does have one- obvoiously through the USB port.

So, can I set it up using the USB connection, and then, instead of plugging in the router to the commputer, try and get it set up wierlessly?

I hope I make sense... Cheers!

  bremner 14:18 24 Dec 2003

You will need to connect the modem to the router by ethernet connection.

Each PC will then have to have a wireless networking card in it.

  [DELETED] 14:24 24 Dec 2003

Yes,I know whis, but the router needs to be set up to connect to the BB modem, to do this it says I need to connect the modem to the computer so the s/w can detect the settings.The problem is that they manual says I need to connect the modem via ethernet, my dad has no card for that, its done by USB. It says it wont work with USB.

After thatn you connect the router to the modem and the computer to the router so that it can set it up.

The PC has no network card to plug the modem into.

  bremner 14:28 24 Dec 2003

I have a Belkin set up and all the Router needs is the MAC address of the newtork card.

If you type ipconfig /all at the run command you can get the MAC address of the network card.

  [DELETED] 14:31 24 Dec 2003

I ave got the MAC address for the modem. I have yet to install the wireless network card. Which MAC address do I need? The modem on I assume?

  [DELETED] 17:07 24 Dec 2003

Well, I have set it all up now and its working a treat to say the least... 54Mbit through a partition wall!!

I have set up a password to access the router, but I have also used the 128bit encription aswell, so it should be quite secure!

All in all, I am cuffed. The Belkin gear was a doddle to set up, even manually. Thumbs up to that!

Cheers for the help!!

  bremner 17:34 24 Dec 2003

Glad you got it sorted.

Hope you escape the cuffs before tomorrow :))))))))

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