New website needs opinions please

  KiwiGenie 16:45 18 Dec 2005

Hi everyone, I started this website called LeisureBytes, about using your computer for fun on a low budget. Would someone like to check it out?
click here
Thanks :)

  Forum Editor 17:52 18 Dec 2005

for a first attempt. Your site is easy to use, free of typos and spelling errors (as far as I could tell from a quick tour), and has potential for development.

It would be better hosted on its own domain name, so visitors didn't get the irritating bravehost ads, and if I were you I would remove the link to your server stats - there's no reason to show them to everyone. Whilst on that subject, I'm against having hit counters. They serve no real purpose, apart from branding a site 'amateur', and they don't reflect the true situation anyway - I was able to notch up the figure simply by clicking the 'home' button from other pages.

I don't like the background much either.

Otherwise, well done - tweak your site, develop the content, and you have something that will be of value to people in your target audience

  Forum Editor 17:54 18 Dec 2005

nice and early for a Monday morning by the way.

  Taran 21:13 18 Dec 2005

The site isn't loading for me.

I get a lot of missing graphics click here for a screengrab.

  PurplePenny 21:42 18 Dec 2005

I got annoyed waiting for the button java applets to load. The grey background for the text didn't load until after the buttons, so to begin with the text was nearly invisible against the blue pattern.

  PurplePenny 21:43 18 Dec 2005

John: I was using Firefox too. I found that I had t o open the site in a new window rather than letting it open in a new tab. Then the buttons did appear... but very slowly.

  PurplePenny 21:46 18 Dec 2005

IT's Java. I just turned Java off and the buttons disappeared because they are Java applets.

  Taran 22:09 18 Dec 2005

Strange - I've not had any of the usual IE pop-up warnings with this page and I have Java enabled.

I'll do some digging with mys setup.

This does demonstrate though, that if people are greeted by something that doesn't work they go elsewhere.

I didn't even bother to look for the possible causes of the problem. I just closed the browser.

  Taran 22:16 18 Dec 2005

I'd disabled the auto-update and my Java version was a few months old.

Just downloaded and run the update and the applets are working properly now.

The spin-off to this is that anyone not running a very recent version of Java or anyone who has Java support disabled in their web browser cannot use the site at all, which could be cause for concern.

Its content looks very interesting though. I'll spend some time reading it more thoroughly during the coming week.

Well done !


  KiwiGenie 19:50 19 Dec 2005

ok confession time... I had to make a website about a hobby for my coursework, part of it was to post a notice about it. I had no idea I was opening myself up to so many of;)
The buttons are frontpage hover buttons, which I don't like using because I know everyone can't see them, but when the specs say you have to use special effects then you gotta use em.
Feedback is something I haven't had before, its kinda scary ain't it? lol
Seriously it is good to read what you all think, thanks very much it helps a lot.
Have a great xmas everyone :)

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