New Website for an absolute beginner!

  budget84 15:12 12 Feb 2011

Hello there,

I am aware there are a few threads about how to start up a new website but I thought I'd post a separate one as I am unsure whether my needs will be slightly different.

I am a singer and I am wanting to set up a website for this so that I can put up my gig dates and also for venues to take a look and see if they would like to book me, therefore i would be looking to add music clips to the site.

I have never done anything like this before and I have no idea where to start.

Obviously I would want a website that is reasonably priced. But I was wondering if it would be worthwhile running it myself as I will need to constantly update it with new gig dates and cancellations.

Does anyone have any ideas that will start me off on the right foot?

Many thanks!

  budget84 13:48 14 Feb 2011

Thank you for your response. However, I am already doing all these things you have mentioned but would like one site dedicated to my work so people can have easier access. Plus on the Facebook page you can't add other pages for people to view entire gig lists for the whole year and other information people like to know. It's all done by status updates and this is not suitable for a years worth of gig dates.

Also, not everyone is on Facebook. A lot of my regular followers and employers do not use Facebook or Twitter, so I would like a site that everyone can access and that is not restricted to social networking sites.

Please does anyone have any ideas with regards to creating a website from scratch for a beginner, a site that I can update myself regularly.

Many thanks

  budget84 16:31 14 Feb 2011

Thank you. But do you think I am better off paying for someone to do a website for me or just doing it myself? As I will be updating the site regularly would I be better off doing it myself? I don't really know how it works!

Thank you for your advice so far, it is much appreciated

  Jwbjnwolf 20:11 14 Feb 2011

you could use google sites.
It enables you to get a website up and running for no cost what so ever.
click here
(you will have to have a gmail account set up though)

  Jwbjnwolf 08:15 15 Feb 2011

I do not really want to get it 100% public as it is built for my ICT work only and not for any other purpose. I just done it so that I can show people my work.

  Jwbjnwolf 08:16 15 Feb 2011

oh sorry, thought i was on my thread about my website
soz budget84

  budget84 16:25 15 Feb 2011

Thank you so much jwarn! Google sites is perfect for what I am after at the moment :) Great temporary measure until I can afford a 'proper' website.

Many thanks to you both for your advice.

  Jwbjnwolf 21:58 15 Feb 2011

when you have created your site, it will automatically be https, so if you use Internet Explorer(IE)it will keep throwing up warnings when you enter letting you know that it is https.
do not say yes to it, keep saying no if you want the page to view properly.
I would pinpoint this out to people.
but with all other browsers, such as safari, or firefox, it will just get on with viewing the page and not moan to you like IE does.

  Forum Editor 23:59 15 Feb 2011

"when you have created your site, it will automatically be https"

No, it won't. I've explained what's happening in your own thread - the https appears when you login to Google sites because you're editing it on a secure Google server. When you want to view the site in a browser you can type the address normally, with an http prefix, and it will appear.

It will work perfectly in Internet Explorer, with no warning messages.

  Crostini 16:29 19 Feb 2011

Hi there I've build 20/30 websites recently. I found everyone gave me different advice on what was the right wayy to go. You seem to need to control content therefore I suggest you should start with a wordpress/joomla site where you can control who has access etc. Easily post dates and add as you go.

Pay for some basic hosting and purchase your own domain. You're in control.

There are free ones (albeit subdomains)out there.
There are lots of free help sites out there (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mentioned them
TIP: on the site ask for help froma fan. Fans love to be useful.

  jkbala4 21:33 07 Mar 2011

You can create the website from the site click here This site has a tool called website tonight where you can select the templates among 1500,animation are pre-build and ready to go,Image gallery and additional stuffs available.Experts will create the website to your ideas and provide 24/7 technical support.

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