New website

  Maurellis 16:17 25 Sep 2007

I have re-done my website click here and uploaded it. Already it is showing up on page one of all the major search engines. Good, eh!
Check it out and let me know what you think. If there are any writers out there please feel free to add your own article to my site. It's free to join.

  mco 17:19 25 Sep 2007

I think you missed out the 'o' in dot com but we can see it on the other post. You'll be bound to improve your rating by posting here :) However, regarding your search engine 'success' see my other post below. I have just had a quick glance and I would say to change the background of the home page to plain white - when you go to other pages (which incidentally are not consistent with the homepage) they look better for having the image to the side. The navigation is a bit strange - once you've clicked on 'view submissions' you appear to be taken to a subdomain and can't get back to that home page...?

  Forum Editor 18:22 25 Sep 2007

of the search engine returns because the name is unusual - nobody else is using it, and as has already been pointed out, few people are ever likely to use the phrase 'writers shop window' when doing a search. In that context, being at the top of the return is rather meaningless.

I found your site confusing - the navigation needs reworking. The background images are confusing and unnecessary, they badly affect readability.

Think hard about that navigation - it's not at all good. Double-check every link, and check the text for errors.

  mco 18:35 25 Sep 2007

for confusing anyone: when I referred to 'my other post below' I mean the thread about SEO which you'd posted on also - I said the same as FE and forum member on it.

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