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  rotormota 11:22 08 Oct 2005

Well, here it is my new website. I make no apologies for saying in advance that it is probably BB orientated rather than dial up due to all the pics.

The site is still under construction as you will see but it's reached a point now where there is at least something to see.

I used Serif Webplus 9 to create & publish & was very impressed indeed.

click here

Best regards,

  ade.h 16:11 08 Oct 2005

As a classic car enthusiast and fan of anything quirky, I have to say; great subject matter! I don't know all that much about NSUs, but I'll read your site thoroughly and let you know what I think later. Homepage looks good, for starters.

  ade.h 16:11 08 Oct 2005

It also explains your user name!

  rotormota 17:17 08 Oct 2005

Cheers ade.

Hope you like it.


  ade.h 21:37 08 Oct 2005

Okay, I've had a more detailed look, and have a few points to note.

You've set your gallery images to open in a new window; This leaves the visitor having to close a window rather than simply press the back button on their mouse. The effect is even more annoying for those of us who use the enhanced tabs plugin for Firefox.

It's quite an attractively laid out gallery, though the pics could be a bit more varied. They're mostly from similar angles.

Restoration 2005; the text needs a bit of work with regard to phrasing and punctuation. Agate would have an uppercase A, I think, and some commas are missing here and there. Resist the temptation to use ampersands to save space.

Even though I use Java, your pages are adorned with Firefox's invitation to find the missing plugin. This may be Firefox's fault, or even mine, but it is important to ensure as much browser functionality as you can.

My Ro80; could do with some images here, but I guess that you have that in hand as part of your work-in-progress.

Star Cars; misleading title. I was expecting NSUs of the famous! The first paragraph doesn't quite clear up the confusion either.

With NSU - The Company, don't limit your text to that top frame when you come to design the layout of that page. (I appreciate that it is unfinished at the moment). That subject deserves a decent amount of text scattered with images.

Events; hyperlink those events, with a page that details each event. What to expect, hot to find it, cost of entry, etc.

Anyway, enough of that from me. Overall, I think you're site style is very attractive and user-friendly. Some of the links (the ones on the right of the pages) are a little bit small perhaps. The one thing that you should be wary of, which I alluded to earlier, is using a layout which can put to much limitation on your text content. But that's something which can be developed over time. Right now, just concentrate on entering the content that you want, as best as you can, and evolve it from there.

You're obviously passionate about your subject, which helps a lot.

Nice job!

  ade.h 21:39 08 Oct 2005

For "hot to find it" read "how..."

  ade.h 21:44 08 Oct 2005

Oh, one more thought. When you take your Ro80 to events or work on it, anything interesting really, describe it in a kind of Ro80 Diary. That's an easy route to getting new content and keeping the interest of other NSU fans/owners. You could even have a bit of fun with it and write it from the car's point of view.

  rotormota 22:47 08 Oct 2005

Thanks ade.

New window/same window: I prefer new window. Is this a personal preference thing? Not had any other comments about this though I hear what you say re. mouse back button.

Gallery: Can only use photos available. More will be added throughout as time goes by.

Restoration text: ampersands are an obsession of mine & surely serve a purpose where space is limited. Are they actually bad English?

Browser functionality: I sense a Firefox pattern developing! No other Java comments received to date.

My Ro80: Under construction.

Star Cars: I don't think any stars dared own a Ro80! I hear what you are saying though.

NSU The Company: Personally I think less text & more pics are preferred but perhaps an exception here. NSU history could certainly fill a page & more.

Events: Hyperlink. Good idea for 2006. That was one of the first pages I made months ago & was in the early stages of construction.

Diary: Very good idea. May add this week if I get a mo.

It is an evolving project on a daily basis & has only had good, constructive & positive feedback so far. Visitors seem to be getting something out of it which is great.

Thanks again.

  ade.h 16:48 09 Oct 2005

It's a really good site, overall, and obviously an evolving project. That's how most sites of this type develop.

Fair point about the photos. Maybe you could add a page to the gallery for other people's NSU-related photos. That would be a nice way of getting a bit of involvement from other enthusiasts, members of the owners' club, etc.

Java can be problematic for cross-browser performance. Firefox is not great in this respect and user settings can affect such things.

NSU's history probably has some interesting facts to it; especially to classic car nuts who may not be knowledgable about NSU, but have had their interest piqued by your site.

I'm not a fan of ampersands in body text. I think it looks a bit messy. I tend to allow my chosen text to influence my layout dimensions, rather than the other way around, but that's just personal choice, really. It's always a tricky balancing act between content and layout.

Speaking of Star Cars, I have a hazy memory of an article that talked about the Ro80 and mentioned one that had been in celebrity ownership to some degree. Can't remember the details, but the owners' club might know. As it is, this page is an interesting personalised feature of the site so is well worthy of inclusion. If there is any famous provenance attached to an NSU past or present, it would be great to add a new page for it.

I only use new windows for links to other sites, or special content such as a map. This method has been recommended to me by some web professionals. If you want to use a new window, that's okay, but put a Close Window button in a convenient position. Again, personal choice has a part to play to a certain extent, but convenience should also be considered.

All things considered, I am impressed by your site and I'll look forward to following its progress over the coming months. Nice work!

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