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  Holographic_man 12:31 21 Jan 2004

I am working on this web site click here the History is my small part and it give's you an insight to where I live.

The site is in need of more input from the community and is not finished.

Could I ask you one thing! can you tell me if you are successful with the above link, if not tell me why

Thanks Adrian

  Holographic_man 12:35 21 Jan 2004
  Taran 13:15 21 Jan 2004

Link loaded fine for me.

I'm using the Konqueror web browser on SuSE Linux at the moment, but I'll check it out later on my Macs and on a couple of Windows browsers as well.

One note: I don't like the paint sprayed effect behind your page banners. This is purely personal and feel free to tell me where to go, but I'd say a clear text page banner, perhaps with a border or drop shadow would be far more eyecatching than the way things stand at the moment.

Anyway, yes, the link seems to work as do those on the site that lead to content. Many of your pages do not have a page title specified, so the browser top bar displays Untitled Document, but I'd imagine you will fix this as time goes on.


  tomleady 13:43 21 Jan 2004

works fine for me on my IE6.

  GroupFC 17:31 21 Jan 2004

Just to let you know that it works fine in Opera too!

  Forum Editor 18:06 21 Jan 2004

are one of the Internet's success stories - most towns have at least one, and some have several.

A few comments on yours:

1. I also dislike the airbrush background to the page titles - it looks amateurish. If you want to have some kind of a squiggle graphic as a banner background go looking - there are hundreds of very good ready-made ones out there, or in most collections of clip art.

2. I found the lack of a 'Home' button (or bottom border hyperlink) a problem - people tend to navigate a site via the home page, going back and forth, and if they can't do it they can become irritated - I did.

3. Check your text for typos - nothing looks worse (said he, one of the forum's habitual offenders).

4. The 'contact us' page is nowhere near friendly enough - just a set of bare links. How are visitors to know who to contact? A couple of paragraphs explaining who deals with what might go a long way here, and an image would brighten things up - something generic will do.

5. The homepage isn't punchy enough - and there should be a paragraph explaining where Huntly is, it's not enough just to welcome people to "Huntly, Aberdeenshire ". That will mean nothing to a visitor who lives in South Dakota. Remember that the Internet is a global network, and you may well be visited by people from China, America, India, Australia etc. Tell them a bit more on the homepage, and you never know, some of them might end up coming to your town.

6. There should be more content - I'm aware it's early days, but before any site goes public you should fill it with as much content as possible - it makes the site look purposeful and vibrant. You can always fill up with images - get local shops to give you a photo, or better still, go out with a digital camera and photograph them yourself. Fill the site with these, and plug the shops with a small paragraph of description.

7. A final tip: The one thing community sites should always have is content about people - pictures and stories about local characters, or town dignitaries, or just shots of people enjoying a drink in a pub, or walking in a park. You would be surprised how much difference it makes to see a few smiling faces.

Good luck with the site.

  DAG88 23:09 21 Jan 2004

loaded fine for me on IE6

You should title the webiste too as it comes up as untitled document at the top of the window

  DAG88 23:14 21 Jan 2004

from the community page:

the clubs link fails to load properly

there are some links that load a blank page

The links that take you to a different website such as the school 1s would be better if they opened in a new window

When you click the charity link it would be better if the other community links were still there so you didnt have to go back to look at the others

  PurplePenny 00:02 22 Jan 2004

I didn't mind the spray can background to the titles at all but .... it might give a bad impression of the town, make people think that you have trouble with graffiti! What I don't like are the jumping buttons, it is a bit disconcerting when they shy away as soon as you go near them.

As FE says it needs more content and a lot more pictures, it's a bit sterile just now.

Aside from that you've got the basis of a good site going so keep us updated on its progress.


  slowhand_1000 00:26 22 Jan 2004

Just thinking about the banner, do you have a crest or coat of arms you could use? I think it might look better than spray paint.

Agree about the jumping buttons, not too keen on them at all. Perhaps just a slight change in text colour would do as you hover over them.

But as the others have said, a basis for a good site.

  Holographic_man 18:21 22 Jan 2004

Wow thanks for your great comments, just one thing I am not the webmaster my only input is the history. I really agree with you all I think the site stinks

There is nothing I like, I wanted a new site made by a pro but the "Community " wanted to stay with this site.

I did'nt want it to go live until all the glitches were sorted, but hopfully one day it will all be sorted "and without the graffiti"!

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