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  recap 12:52 31 Jan 2007

I was wondering if I could have some comments on this web site please? click here I have been asked to look it over for any faults, I cannot see any, can you?

  recap 15:13 31 Jan 2007

Thanks AndySD, I have clicked on vertually every link without encountering the 404 page.

I will pass on your comments.


  recap 15:19 31 Jan 2007

Scrap that AndySD, I have found the dud links. This has happened after the site was uploaded. My friend is going to check it out later tonight when she get's home.

  mco 18:20 31 Jan 2007

..makes very nice templates - I use some on a couple of my sites - but I personally would prefer it if the 'contact'page were actually a page rather than just an anchor to the bottom of another page, meaning you have to scroll back up to the top to navigate.

  recap 18:35 31 Jan 2007

I did mention that some pages are on the long side and would benefit from a 'top of page' link. They seem to be happy the way it is at the moment. Each to their own I suppose.

  recap 09:47 01 Feb 2007

Thanks forum member, I will pass your comments on.

Cheers AndySD for the link.

The owner of the shop has instructed my friend to activate the site, so it is now live. Any alteration's will have to be done at a later date.

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