new web design please

  [DELETED] 18:57 04 Jan 2006

hi im new to computers and looking to have web site made for me how much should i pay etc and also who do i need to put this on to google is this chep to do or how much would i have to spen the site is about a amn and van removal service.p.s.hope i have done this right.(im a friend of bill w if you no who he is. thanks)

  [DELETED] 19:14 04 Jan 2006

Prices vary hugely from company to company and dependent on the type of site; a basic brochure site can rnage from £50 to £200 per page through to four figures for multi-media content, e-commerce, etc.

  Forum Editor 19:17 04 Jan 2006

and we aren't going to be able to answer the price question I'm afraid - that will depend on many things, such as the size and design of the site, and the type of hosting package etc.

The best advice I can give is that you click here which is a link to the UK Web Designers Association. They have a list of members which you can access via the site, and I suggest that you approach a few people for quotations.

By all means come back here with specific questions, once you've spoken to these designers, and we'll offer advice, based on what you've been told.

  [DELETED] 20:26 05 Jan 2006

click here

I sometimes use that site to find businesses. Could be worth a search.

  Forum Editor 07:55 06 Jan 2006

meant to say that someone called Li Ad is the registrant - not the registrar.

Unless this person is someone you know and trust I would urge you to get the name transferred to you as soon as possible. If someone else is responsible for making the renewal you are vulnerable - have a dispute with this person and you may find that your name isn't renewed.

Domain name transfers cannot take place very near to the renewal date, so you should deal with this aspect of things without delay - other matters can wait for the time being. I suggest that you contact the registrant and ask her to initiate the name transfer without delay.

  [DELETED] 11:02 06 Jan 2006

I'd add that unless your site is enjoying a lot of traffic and your feedback form gives you many leads the suggestion by fourm member the start afresh could be a sensible option.

I ran a quick domain name search and yours is still available with a .net suffix for £35 for two years from Easily click here or £8-99 per year from 1&1 click here (

You can register the domain name in a few moments and it will be available as a live site in 24 hours (usually) provided you have a hosting account for it to point to.

Registering a domain name in your own name is vital for the long term. If there is any question mark at all over your current site you can either spend the time to try to force the hand of the person involved (possible but sometimes time consuming and inconvenient) or you can do as fourm member suggests and simply start afresh.

In most small businesses the greatest impact to a new domain name will be reprinting stationary with the new web address and email address. Any current clients should be emailed or contacted by post advising them of your updated contact information.


  PurplePenny 12:37 06 Jan 2006

John got there before me: I was just about to post about

The renewal date was November and if memory serves there is a period of grace of 30 days after non-renewal then the name is suspended for a further 60 days. That makes the timing quite tight to get hold of it before the current name is due for renewal.

  Forum Editor 14:07 06 Jan 2006

that you're working during the day marteeny, and that you'll respond to some of the advice you've been offered later today.

Let me just underline what fourm member has already said.....please don't email individual forum members in connection with website design work. We have a pretty strict rule that prohibits members with design experience from getting work via the forum. We do this for your protection.

Post as many questions as you like here, in your thread, and we'll all rally round to help you overcome the problems.

  [DELETED] 16:58 06 Jan 2006

Regarding changes of URL and/or domain suffix:

Would it be a good idea, in the experts' opinion, for Marteeny to set up a redirect page using the original URL to bounce people straight to the new one? I have suggested that to someone who has two similar URLs, one of which he no longer wishes to actively promote. But to be honest, I don't know if it has any caveats except for the modest cost of maintaining a second webspace account.

  [DELETED] 17:10 06 Jan 2006

You can't do that without being able to access the original web address to point it where you want requests for it to be redirected.

It works well in the right circumstances though.

  [DELETED] 17:17 06 Jan 2006

I automatically assumed that Marteeny would have access to his own existing domain.

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