New W2000 graphics card turns off my monitor!

  andy625 10:49 06 Jan 2006

I have a P3 600 machine which has just been reformatted with W2000. I have just changed the graphics card to a maxtor AGP display card and when I booted it up initially it was just showing 16 colours. I downloaded 2 versions of driver from the maxtor site and with both of them when I rebooted to finish the driver installation, the monitor turns itself off, and stays off! The power light goes out as if the supply has been disconnected.

If I start up in safe VGA mode it boots up. I went into the bios and found a vga setting which was disabled, changed that to enabled and it made no difference.

I have previously used the pc as a CAD station for 2yrs at work prior to it being replaced. I have reformatted it since bringing it home and since then I have had problems getting graphics cards to work in the machine. The original one came up as being not supported by Windows 2000. The annoying thing is that when I used the machine at work, it was running W2000 with no problem.

Anyone got any ideas?

  ICF 11:44 06 Jan 2006

Have you loaded the monitor driver?

  andy625 11:50 06 Jan 2006

Tried both the drivers. Both turn off monitor when rebooting to finish the installation. Driver files came from manufacturers website.

Could it be a RAM problem? I have 256. Is it possible that the pc isn't up to running the graphics card? PC is aapprox 5yrs old, graphics card is newer - prob 2-3yrs.

  ICF 11:52 06 Jan 2006

No you should have a monitor driver not a graphics card driver.

  ICF 11:53 06 Jan 2006

I think the monitor driver has the file extension inf.What make and model is the monitor?

  andy625 12:01 06 Jan 2006

The monitor is one that came with an old pentium 166mmx back in 1997. The pc was a Tiny pc and there is no monitor manufaturer listed on the back or anywhere. Its an energy star type (I'm assuming this isn't the manufacturer?). No serial numbers or anything to do a search on.

  ICF 12:11 06 Jan 2006

This monitor worked before yea? Before you formatted the hard drive.In what configuration was the computer in when it graphics card installed.

  andy625 12:51 06 Jan 2006

The monitor has always worked ok. The pc originally ran w2000 with a 21" monitor when I had it at work. I brought it home, reformatted and installed xp, the monitor was working ok with the original graphics card.

The pc in general was struggling to run XP (processor 80-100% all the time), so I wiped it again and reinstalled 95, upgraded to 98 and upgraded again to 2000. Monitor was only showing 16 colours, so started investigating and found that windows hadn't detected the display adapter.

Found out the make and downloaded drivers - no difference. Installed new adapter (borrowed from work), windows found it but didn't have drivers. Downloaded drivers to install and thats when it started hanging in reboot when "finishing driver installation".

Hope that all makes sense.

I just want to use the pc to play internet radio/music, and scan in all my tapes with the external soundblaster card I Bought for it (hence I need W2000 or better).

  ICF 13:15 06 Jan 2006

Do you have another monitor to try?

  ICF 13:16 06 Jan 2006

What type of Graphics card is it?

  andy625 13:40 06 Jan 2006

The original graphics card was a rage 128 pro 32m sdr. The current one is a Maxtor G55. I have the 21" monitor that I could try on the machine, but I havent tried it since the reformat as I do not want to use this with the pc due to the size.

It's hard enough convincing my wife to let me keep the pc in the lounge!

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