New vista installation - what do I need to do?

  Bailey08787 18:34 13 Jul 2008


Due to issues with my current installation, I'm about to format an additional drive and do a nes install of Vista.

I want to make sure I'm able to access my existing drive (which has Vista installed) and avoid any issues I remember with XP surrounding folder permissions and being unable to access files. Is there anything I need to do before creating the new installation to ensure I can access all my old files?

Plus, what do I need to do to make sure it boots from the new Vista installation and not the old one?


  jimv7 19:47 13 Jul 2008

Disconnect the old drive and put the new 1 in its place, then boot from the vista dvd.

  jimv7 19:54 13 Jul 2008

Meant to add, create a folder on the desktop, put everything you want to save in it before disconnecting it.
After vista is installed on the new drive, plug the old 1 back in, slave it if its ide, or just coonect if sata.
Then you can access it from the new installation and pull the required folder from the old drive.

  Bailey08787 20:00 13 Jul 2008

i don;t want to pull the data - i want to leave it on the drive its on - i just want to make sure everything will be accessible - ie, no folder permissions malarkey

  Bailey08787 20:19 13 Jul 2008

and also they're both sata drives - how will the pc know which vista installation to choose to boot?

  jimv7 22:04 13 Jul 2008

Because you will be booting from sata 0 or sata 1 and the old drive will be on a different sata port.

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