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New vista installation - what do I need to do?

  Bailey08787 18:34 13 Jul 2008


Due to issues with my current installation, I'm about to format an additional drive and do a nes install of Vista.

I want to make sure I'm able to access my existing drive (which has Vista installed) and avoid any issues I remember with XP surrounding folder permissions and being unable to access files. Is there anything I need to do before creating the new installation to ensure I can access all my old files?

Plus, what do I need to do to make sure it boots from the new Vista installation and not the old one?


  Bailey08787 20:00 13 Jul 2008

i don;t want to pull the data - i want to leave it on the drive its on - i just want to make sure everything will be accessible - ie, no folder permissions malarkey

  Bailey08787 20:19 13 Jul 2008

and also they're both sata drives - how will the pc know which vista installation to choose to boot?

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