new virus

  nogga 16:43 01 Aug 2003

I have recieved a virus warning from a friend. It is called jdbgmgr.exe
I was given instructions on how to to search for it and send it to the recycle bin without opening it.
I found a copy on both my C drive and my D drive. I followed the instructions and placed it in the recycle bin.
The file has a teddy bear icon in front of it.
Is this a genuine virus, or is it a hoax to get us to delete genuine windows files.

  alcudia 16:52 01 Aug 2003

It is a hoax, and a very old one at that.
Jdbgmgr.exe is a part of Windows, but you will probably never need it.
If it's still in your recycle bin put it back where it came from.

  GroupFC 16:54 01 Aug 2003

This is not a virus and should not be deleted.

There have been frequent posts in the past regarding this, but for the life of me I can't find them at the moment.

Perhaps one of the usual regular experts will be along soon and point you in the right direction!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:56 01 Aug 2003

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