New Video Card

  Hitchhiker 08:34 11 Jun 2003


I am trying to install a Voodoo 4500 card. I set the video driver to standard VGA, switch off and change the card. When I reboot I can see the start up info like RAM and keyboard found etc but after that the screen just goes black and I can't see anything. HELP!


  Jester2K II 08:45 11 Jun 2003

What does the monitor light do? Stay green or go orange?

  Hitchhiker 09:57 11 Jun 2003

I think the light goes orange but I'm sure the computer is still booting up (I might be wrong on that though).

  Jester2K II 12:30 11 Jun 2003

"change the card" Can i double check you are replacing an old card and not adding this card instead of using the onboard card.

Did you make any changes to the BIOS.

What is the old card??

  Hitchhiker 12:42 11 Jun 2003


I am removing the old card which was a Diamond GL 1000 Pro. I haven't made any changes to the bios.


  vaughan007 13:30 11 Jun 2003

I know nothing about voodoo cards (!) or diamond GL cards (!). Are they both AGP cards or is one a PCI card?

  Hitchhiker 13:55 11 Jun 2003

It seems both the cards are AGP although the Diamond was one of the first ones to come out so it is pretty old!

  Jester2K II 14:12 11 Jun 2003

Did you remove the drivers first of have you left the old Diamond ones in?

What happens if you put the Diamond card back in and boot up??

Does the Voodoo Card work in another PC??

  hugh-265156 14:14 11 Jun 2003
  Hitchhiker 14:34 11 Jun 2003


I removed the Diamond drivers and set the driver to the Standard VGA driver. The Voodoo card was working on another PC. The Diamond card still works when I plug it back in.


  hugh-265156 14:37 11 Jun 2003

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