New version of ZoneAlarm available.

  dagwoood 23:30 22 Nov 2005

Version 6.1.737.000 is available for download.

Zonelabs click here

MajorGeeks click here

  PaulB2005 07:39 23 Nov 2005


  Stuartli 09:03 23 Nov 2005

Ta much so!

  rawprawn 09:25 23 Nov 2005

Good morning dagwoood, and thank you for that.

  Daibus 10:25 23 Nov 2005

Many thanks for the info.

  J B 10:56 23 Nov 2005

Which version did you have before you downloaded the new one?
Did you install the new version thru the upgrade, or the clean install route?
Is the new version fixed, by that I mean are you having any problems with it?

Sounds like Mastermind, but, I am running 5.5.094 which is really stable, so when I downloaded the version before this new one it really did funny things. Sorry but that is the only way I can describe it so I uninstalled it and went back to the version I rin at present. Let me know how you got on ok. J.B.

  Stuartli 13:21 23 Nov 2005

I update ZA every time one becoems available - including the new version - and have never had any problems whether on my system or friends and family.

You do check Yes when asked about the new installation being an Upgrade rather than a Clean Install?

  Digital 13:58 23 Nov 2005

I've just got it thru' the link Dagwood offered (thanks for that). However, my ZA is set to Auto Update & while it did advise me that an upgrade was available, when I clicked on OK, nothing happened. Changing the security levels didn't make any difference. Anyone had that trouble?

  driving man 14:46 23 Nov 2005

Digital by the time it takes on dial up to download it seems to be a new program rather than a basic upgrade. Took 40 mins. Been using it all day and no problems so far ---fingers crossed --touch wood --stroke a black cat etc

  Hamish 14:46 23 Nov 2005

Thanks dagwoood

  J B 15:18 23 Nov 2005

Thanks Stuartli for the information,but I think I'll hold off upgrading for awhile and see what happens with this new version. J.B.

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