New version of Windows?????????????

  great1 19:05 29 Mar 2005

Is there a new Version of Windows on the horizon?
If so, where can i find out more about it?

  Mandy265 19:12 29 Mar 2005

Yes, there is a lot of hype around here

  jbp1982 19:12 29 Mar 2005

it's a 64bit version of XP. Do a google search on windows "longhorn".

  powerless 19:13 29 Mar 2005
  great1 19:14 29 Mar 2005

Answered my own question done a google search Hey presto click here

Windows 64 bit

Now why did i not think about google search before i posted????????????????????

  Forum Editor 19:15 29 Mar 2005

for one question. The answer's yes, there is a new version on the horizon, but the horizon is a long way off.

Currently called Longhorn, the new version will be available at some point in 2006 - my guess is that it will be late August/early September, but nothing is certain.

  Forum Editor 19:16 29 Mar 2005

with the 64bit version of Windows XP - two different things.

  great1 19:19 29 Mar 2005

Thanks Mandy265, jbp1982, Powerless
had left my thread open on my pc so i didnt see your reply's so by the time i had a brain wave to do a google search and the time it took me to respond to my own thread you had already responded.

thanks again

  kw13 20:13 07 Jun 2005

Microsoft promises that Longhorn will be much more stable than XP, it will have the ability to do many new things including Transparency effects and a new Sidebar which is to complement the Start-Menu not replace it.

The Operating System is currently still under devlopment, the most recent Alpha release was 'Longhorn 5048'.

Microsoft are now saying Longhorn will be available some time Christmas 2006.

  stalion 20:16 07 Jun 2005

Microsoft promises that Longhorn will be much more stable than XP
I have found xp to be the most stable so far no problems

  kw13 20:23 07 Jun 2005

I accept that XP is stable, just saying that they are aiming for Longhorn to be able for instance to support more hardware, less hardware conflicts mean more stability.

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