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New version of Street View

  thumbscrew 00:17 27 Feb 2014

Can anyone tell me what on earth have they done to Street View in Google Maps? I've just loaded it and it seems a shambles, totally different, screen all over the place, the search bar permanently on screen....why oh why...what was wrong with it before? Why is this planet overrun with meddlers?

  wee eddie 00:27 27 Feb 2014

Every Company has an R&D Department, who earn really good salaries. In order to justify that, they feel the need to bugger everything up, now and again.

  mole1944 05:44 27 Feb 2014

Goes to my old saying at work "But it's not broken" person who thinks they know best "Don't worry we'll soon fix it"

  mole1944 05:44 27 Feb 2014

Goes to my old saying at work "But it's not broken" person who thinks they know best "Don't worry we'll soon fix it"

  john bunyan 08:21 27 Feb 2014

The little yellow man seems to have been "disappeared" by Google. Too early to say if the new system is better...

  onthelimit1 08:55 27 Feb 2014

I think it's awful. However, the 'little yellow man' is still there in the bottom right. I just open Google maps on IE, and there it's the old, familiar version!

  muddypaws 09:13 27 Feb 2014

Still the same on XP3. Firefox.

Orange man top left. I tried the 'new version' months ago but went back to 'old'. Don't recall the

difference now.

  thumbscrew 12:37 27 Feb 2014

First of all I didn't receive an email notification that these replies had been posted....does the forum still do that? Secondly how do I revert to the old version?

  thumbscrew 13:34 27 Feb 2014

Cheers Woolwell, followed the instructions to opt out permanently and clicked "Yes" to opt out, but that wasn't followed by a landing page as it states. Seems like I'm back to the old, far superior Classic View on Firefox, but on IE it won't remain and I have to reset it each time I use it. Why are there so many jackasses on this planet, sitting on their backsides in their offices, constantly meddling, changing and generally confusing and worsening things that were previously working smoothly and properly? It's not only these twerps, but places like supermarkets, constantly changing their displays..."Where's the sugar that used to be here?"...."Oh, we've moved it sir, it's now on the other side of the store, next to frozen fish-don't get too used to it though because my colleague and fellow meddling moron, will be moving it again tomorrow". Give me frigging strength! Ps, I'm still not getting email notifications, even though I've ticked the reply box...have they changed that too???

  john bunyan 13:38 27 Feb 2014


Thanks. Having played a bit longer, it seems fine and I am now happy. Did not spot the yellow peg man in his new home!

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