alistair brown 14:18 09 Jun 2012

Dear all A friend of mine has had problems with using his camera pictures imported from his camera onto a picture processing application.

He used to use Power Point to arrange and crop his pictures, but at work now we have changed over to the new Windows 7 operating system, with Office 2010. .

He wants his pictures to be saved in JPEG format so that he can play them over his DVD player which is plugged as usual into the television.


This what is said at the title of the screen at the top when we are nearly there.

Another thing that comes into this is at the top of the screen there is a drop down menu 3 lines down is the Microsoft Picture Manager option which may or may not be needed.

In the previous session he then clicked a menu button at the top of the screen to convert all his modified photos back to Power Point JPEG fomat.

Could you please give me a numbered list of what to do to accomplish this?

I have added as much as I can.


Alistair Brown

  Woolwell 14:23 09 Jun 2012

Why is he using PowerPoint to edit photos. This is a presentation program. There is basic photo editing software built in to Windows 7. He should be able to go to the photos library and open the picture there and then edit.

  Andsome 15:41 09 Jun 2012

I much preferred Office 2000, it was much easier to use. I have some saved items in Publisher 2000 which I can open and edit in Publisher 2010. I cannot however fathom out how to do similar items in Office 2010. I just cannot create a table which will print. In many respects this is a backward step. So called improvements should not become difficult to use.

  Woolwell 16:34 09 Jun 2012

Andsome - At the risk of hijacking this thread, there are tutorials on tables in Publisher 2010. This is just one Bright hub

  Andsome 17:41 09 Jun 2012


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