new user to network

  pookie 19:40 20 Sep 2003


work has about 20 pcs from 95 to xp pro al linked via network server. (I don't know type of server). When user boots up you must put in user name and password. this connects to network and the network will then allow you access to emails/shared drives and your individual drive on the network eg user john would have 'john on U drive'. the network and adding new users/email accounts is done externally by a 3rd party. they have added a new staff member to the network, given him a drive and an email account. When the new members logs in with his user name and password it accepts it ok but he can't get on to emails or on to any network drives eg shared drives or his own one. it just boots like a normal pc with no sign of network. I have tried adding him to his drive via 'map network drives' but their is no sign of it. also, we can't get him on email at all.

sorry this is so long winded but i didn't want to leave anything out. any ideas how to add him to his drive (which he has been given but we can't find) and also his email account?

many thanks


  Terrahawk 19:46 20 Sep 2003

see your network administrator could be a start if it is a company network then leave it to the people who get paid to sort it out and the flak if things go wrong

  pookie 19:40 21 Sep 2003

thanks for the replies. any other suggestions before i go into work tomorrow?



  pookie 08:30 22 Sep 2003

refresh :-)

  pookie 15:03 25 Sep 2003

just an update - 3rd party came in and fixed it


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