New USB 2.0 card not working

  Sapins 08:58 29 Nov 2003

Having had to replace my scanner I have bought a USB 2.0 model, which I have not yet installed, and I have installed a USB 2.0 card which will not work, I have tried my USB 1.0 printer in the new card but it will not work. Device Manager says the card is installed and working properly.

So far I have removed and re-installed the card and I am pretty sure it is installed correctly, the first installation resulted in an on screen message that windows has encountered a problem and has closed down to prevent damage to the computer, the message was on a blue screen with tech info as follows:




The second time I installed the card it went exactly according to the installation instructions and device manager says it is OK.

When I plug in the printer I get the message "Communication Error" and it will not print, the printer works OK when I plug it back into the USB 1.0 port.

I have also downloaded and installed the Microsoft USB upgrade " WINDOWSXP_KB822603-x806-ENU" This has not helped.

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I want to get on with some scanning.



  Sapins 09:54 29 Nov 2003


  Trackrat 10:09 29 Nov 2003

Are you using XP if so have you got SP1 on it.

  Sapins 10:28 29 Nov 2003

Hi Trackrat, yes I'm using XP and I have SP1+ the updates for the service pack.

  Trackrat 12:08 29 Nov 2003

Try this Go in to device manager, uninstall the usb2 card, then reboot yor computer and let windows detect it and let windows put its own drivers in for it as SP1 includes support for usb2 drivers.

  Sapins 15:39 29 Nov 2003

Hi cycoze, the printer is set to print from "USB Virtual printer port for Epson Stylus Photo 895".

Sorry it took a time to get back to you all, I have uninstalled the card Trackrat, took me two attempts to get the right drivers out! Windows did find the drivers exactly the same as were installed from the CD that came with the card?

I have also gone through the troubleshooter for the printer, doesn't that take a while?,no luck there. It seems to definitely be the new card because the printer works OK in the original USB 1.0 port and does not work in a USB 2.0 port from the card.

I have e-mailed Belkin to ask for help but they closed down on Wednesday till Monday next for Thanksgiving! so I will have to wait for them to resume work.

If you have any other suggestions I can try please let me know, I'll keep the thread open for a while and refresh it occasionally in the hope someone has come across this.



  Sapins 16:23 29 Nov 2003


  Sapins 18:35 29 Nov 2003


  Sapins 19:19 29 Nov 2003

Hi Mr_Nice_Guy, no I haven't another computer but, I am beginning to think it might be the card, I'll wait till I hear from Belkin if it's not too long, otherwise I will take it back to the store and ask for a replacement or a refund, trouble is it's over 100KM each way :-(

  Sapins 20:34 29 Nov 2003


  Sapins 23:14 29 Nov 2003

last refresh!

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