New Updates For WinPatrol+Winaso

  birdface 09:27 20 May 2011

There are new updates for Winaso Optimizer and WinPatrol for those that use them.

  birdface 09:50 20 May 2011

Just running privacy cleaner in Winaso and so far it has found 745mb to remove and has still got a fair bit to scan yet.

It seems to be a very high proportion to remove so starting to get a bit worried.

Scan Finished and Overall removal 813.55Mb this includes 719.60Mb from Internet cache.

Well time to remove them I think with fingers crossed.

  birdface 10:13 20 May 2011

Well Quite a few changes in Winaso and the Optimizer has also had a dramatic change. So ran most things and was a bit worried about the outcome but rebooted and everything ok except the appearance of Firefox which has changed.

As I use Firefox I will say it has probably changed for the good for me anyhow.

So any of you others that have Winaso downloaded let us know how you get on with the new version.

At the moment a thumbs up from me.

  birdface 10:24 20 May 2011

Ok A Few problems with Firefox since using the new version of Winaso.Some web sites do not open properly.

So maybe those that use Firefox as their main Browser may be best waiting to see what the problem is before running Winaso.

I have tried I/E and found no problems on that yet.

  sunnystaines 11:23 20 May 2011


  birdface 11:55 20 May 2011

Ok I found the problem in Firefox to be with My Favorites and I just had to refresh the page for it to work Ok.

  birdface 13:32 20 May 2011

Well things still not right with Firefox some web pages will not open properly.For instance Amazon Uk.But Amazon Us will open ok.

So any Firefox users maybe best waiting to see if things improve before downloading the new version.

Everything seems to work Ok on I/E.

  sunnystaines 14:48 20 May 2011

buteman ran the reg cleaner in winaso still had to set it to avoid hp printer entries found in error, been like this for years winaso never fixed it.

also ran privacy cleaner and deep reg defrag...all ok

checked firefox after reading your post that is all ok too [on 32bit w7]

  birdface 15:02 20 May 2011


Thanks for the info.I have the 64bit version of W/7 so not sure if that is the problem.

I updated to the new versions of flash player thinking it was that.

Does amazon Uk open Ok for you in Firefox and are you using the 4.01 version.

  birdface 15:04 20 May 2011

I should have added it was mostly the odd programs that I had in favorites that was giving me problems, but even the web page for Amazon would not open properly.

  sunnystaines 16:43 20 May 2011


just had a look around amazon uk in firefox 4.01 all ok.

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