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New unknown network showing in the home

  Anon-2455549 21:00 10 Jan 2020

A new network is showing in my home, I have tried turning everything off however it does not relate to anything I am aware of. The network shows on settings under WIFI as SNS/AhcBCgACAZSfPt8OFwE. Can anyone help identify what this is, I am concerned it is spyware. Thank you for any help you can give.

  Anon-1823234 12:41 11 Jan 2020

It could quite simply be the network 'name' given by an ISP that a neighbour hasn't changed to something more personal.

  Anon-1792729 13:49 11 Jan 2020

Can anyone help identify what this is...............

It's a Sonos speaker - either yours or a neighbour's.

There's nothing to worry about.

  Anon-2455549 13:54 11 Jan 2020

Thank you for your help.

  Anon-2455549 14:48 11 Jan 2020

The Sonas system has been in the house a year and a half and this has never shown, curious as to why it would suddenly show on WIFI network, when the power was turned off it did not reappear? Just wondered if you have any idea why that would be. Thank you

  Anon-1792729 10:03 12 Jan 2020

When a Sonos speaker is broadcasting that peculiar network name then it's usually in setup mode. However, if it's working fine then it's probably best to leave it as it is.

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