New TV not connecting with Freeview recorder

  pcstraw 12:09 02 Oct 2018

I've just bought a new TV with freeview facility built in, but I can't seem to get it to work with my freeview box which I've used with my old TV to record programmes. All I'm getting is a blue screen and a small box suggesting no connection. Can anyone offer suggestions.

  alanrwood 12:17 02 Oct 2018

As I understand your situation, and I may be wrong, you have an existing freeview set top recorder which connected to your old TV with either a scart lead or HDMI cable. This set top box required an antenna to be connected to it. Nothing has changed just because you have a new TV with built in Freeview. They are two separate unconnected signal paths. Have you simply used the existing antenna cable to connect to your new TV, in which case the set top box has no signal input to enable it to work.

  beeuuem~2 12:46 02 Oct 2018

From your description there are two elements here. Although your new TV has Freeview this comes through the internet not via your aerial or your Freeview box. The TV needs to be connected to your BB router via WiFi or a cable.

As alanrwood says, the operation of your Freeview box should not be affected merely by connecting it to a new TV.

  pcstraw 12:49 02 Oct 2018

The set up for my last tv was, an outdoor aerial cable plugged into the freeview box, and a HDMI cable connecting the freeview box to the tv.

  pcstraw 13:02 02 Oct 2018

I should have mentioned that is the same set up I've tried with my new TV without success.

  Jollyjohn 15:29 02 Oct 2018

I assume you have changed the Source on the new TV to HDMI - I would cycle through all the Source options, there may be more than one HDMI input.

  alanrwood 17:21 02 Oct 2018

Although your new TV has Freeview this comes through the internet not via your aerial or your Freeview box

Not necessarily. Mine does not.

  BT 17:30 02 Oct 2018

Although your new TV has Freeview this comes through the internet not via your aerial or your Freeview box

Correct. The Internet connection on a modern TV is normally to access Freeview Play similar to and including Iplayer.

You need to split the aerial lead and feed the TV and Freeview recorder separately and then feed the recorder in via a HDMI socket preferably or Scart,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:49 02 Oct 2018

Take a cable from the antenna out on the freeview box and connect it to the TV to get your TV tuner working.

You only need the freeview box for recording if it has a HDD if not you can always record programs onto a USB stick connected to your new TV.

  john bunyan 18:26 02 Oct 2018

“Daisy chain” the recorder to the tv by the aerial from the mast going to the Antenna in on the recorder and an aerial lead going from the antenna out on the recorder to the antenna in on the TV. That will mean your TV will effectively use the signal from the mast. The HDMI is for sending recorded programmes from the recorder to the TV

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