new tv and external hard drive

  rcpilot 11:32 09 Jan 2012

Hi I have already ordered but not taken delivery of a Toshiba 42sl863b tv the manual is downloadable from here the business of being able to show blu ray video's that I have on my pc is daunting as the pc is upstairs and the tv will be downstairs routing hdmi cables to connect the pc to the tv is a no no, so I thought of buying an external hard drive and loading the blu ray files onto it and then taking it downstairs and pluging it into the tv, question is, as I know nothing in this area, would the tv be able to play them and how would I be able to control the hard drive

  Woolwell 14:33 09 Jan 2012

Willing to be proved wrong but I doubt that it will work. My understanding is the USB HDD connection on the TV is to record programmes direct from the TV and then be able to play them back.

  muddypaws 15:54 09 Jan 2012

My Philips TV has an input usb socket. for pen drives and I play my music from them. I doubt if your TV will open folders so everything will need to be individual files same as my mp3s. I keep meaning to try my pocket HDD on it. Otherwise try a media unit and plug HDD into that then to TV. Should then play most things.

  muddypaws 15:56 09 Jan 2012

Such as these: media players

  eedcam 22:30 09 Jan 2012

Think you will find your hard drive has to be formatted on one tv and will only work tv

  eedcam 15:32 10 Jan 2012

My Panny can use an external hard drive but they are primitive in asmuch as you can only record whats on scree

  eedcam 15:34 10 Jan 2012

I think should have thunk before I posted Ha!

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