New TravelMate 290 User

  EmySweet 13:56 01 May 2004

Hi Everyone,

I am a new user of Acer TravelMate 290. I am having problem with using IR and the Bluetooth..

Can u help me and show me how 2 use the IR in transfering data? and how 2 setup the bluetooth? Do I need and external device 2 use the bluetooth or else???

All the thanks



  Sir Radfordin 16:04 01 May 2004

You should just need to activate the IR and it will pick up devices in range. You may need to activate it from within the BIOS when you start the laptop up.

As for bluetooth, again it will need to be activated. On some of the 290 range it was an optional extra so you may not have it.

What devices are you trying to communicate with?

  EmySweet 17:13 01 May 2004

Hi Sir Radfordin

Thanks 4 replying.. So, to use the IR I should activate it through the BIOS and then I can use it??!!!

What I mean is if I want to transfer data from my laptop to another using the IR, I should activate it 1st??

Second, I want 2 use my mobile to transfer pix and ring tones through the IR, is it the same???

about the bluetooth, I have it built-in! but when I want 2 use it with my mobile I get no response!!! So do I need an external bluetooth or I should activate it it again through the BIOS??

Hope u help me with that and I'll really be very thankful.. And if u can provide me with a helpful sites which shows me all the TravelMate 291LCi features and uses

Thanks again

  Sir Radfordin 17:38 01 May 2004

Try the Acer website click here for a product guide.

From what I remember the IR does need to be enabled in the BIOS before you can use it. When other devices are in range it should then 'activate' and pick them up.

Bluetooth tends to need to have the Pairing set up so you will need to do that.

What phone are you using?

Unfortunatly don't have the Acer I've used before to hand to check anything for you.

  EmySweet 18:17 01 May 2004

I'll check the site and hope 2 get what I want..

I am using Nokia 6600 :(

Thanks anyway, I'll try and then tell u what goes with me :)

C ya

  EmySweet 18:37 01 May 2004


I've activated the IR and it worked :) Thanks

but the problem is how can I send the data from the mobile 2 the pc? :s

And I am still working on the Bluetooth

Wait for the results :)

  Sir Radfordin 18:58 01 May 2004

click here

click here

The 6600 should have come with software that will allow you to do some things. See the two links above for info. on Nokia's site.

  EmySweet 20:46 01 May 2004

Sir Radfordin

Thanks a looooooooot , the IR problem was solved

I am really happy :)

Thank you very very much

Now I am trying with the bluetooth, wish me good luck

C ya

  Sir Radfordin 21:37 01 May 2004

I've had a nightmare trying to get Bluetooth working on a 6310i and a laptop though to be fair I was doing it over the phone and have never seen the two items in question!

I think the key to it all is making sure you get the devices paired otherwise they will refuse to see each other.

Post back if you get problems!

  EmySweet 20:06 02 May 2004

Hi Sir Radfordin

I am back, I guess the problem is that I only need Bluetooth Adapter... I got It 2day and I'll try it and then give u the results :)

C ya

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