New trackball mouse or restoration?

  Housten 17:02 03 Apr 2013

Good Afternoon,

I am having a problem with my mouse – it is a Microsoft optical trackball. Now I know many people do not like trackballs, but I do. One of the best points about them is that whenever I want to use it, it is in the same place – every time. However for the last few months it has been getting more and more ‘stickier’ and ‘jumpier’, and it has now begun to really annoy me. What I am now reduced to is using my wife’s laptop mouse, as she uses it in the evening’s, whereas I use my computer during the day. What hasn’t helped is me trying to be a bit clever! I took the ball out and tried to clean the three contact points, and I, completely accidentally I assure you, ejected one, and even though I put it back in it is still getting worse than ever. So I do not think that repairing it is a possibility or even worth trying!!

I have tried looking on the web, but whilst I have found quite a lot of sites adverting it, as soon as you log on they state not in stock do not know when anymore will be coming in. So I am thinking that that is another write-off.

So what I would prefer – unlikely I know – is if anyone know of a store that has any of these, but a more likely scenario is, I feel, can anyone let me know if they use one that is really comfortable to use, and has – at least – 4 programmable buttons. I know I am being picky but at my time of age I feel I deserve some leeway!!! So if anyone knows anything that can help my predicament I would be very glad. I know there are trackball mice available for £75 plus, but I do not really want to pay more that £40 if possible, and preferably less!!!

Any comments/information/help will be most gratefully received.

  chub_tor 17:21 03 Apr 2013

Maybe this one from Kensington supposed to be in stock at Amazon.

  spuds 17:21 03 Apr 2013

I am not sure if it might help in your quest, but I have just put 'trackball mouse' in a eBay search, and its come up with and showing over 506 items. Amazon also seems to have a number listed on their website. Perhaps a look there,if you haven't already done so, might resolve any issues?.

I have also put 'repairing a trackball mouse in Google, and that as come up with quite a number of results.

  chub_tor 17:25 03 Apr 2013

Or this one from Misco is in stock and looks as if it has four buttons - sorry the last one only had two.

  Housten 17:22 09 Apr 2013

chub_tor and spuds,

Good afternoon, Gentlemen,

I haven't read your posts above because I just wish to give you my apologies for the tardy time it has taken me to reply. This has not been my fault, honest.

Last Wednesday I put my post on here and switched off my computer a few minutes later. At 5 to 7 my wife tried to log on to the web, but it was down, and what happened next has been driving me bananas since. I tried several things, then my own desktop and it was down as well. I rang our ISP to be told that there was an outage at Guildford on the 01252, 53 and 56 area codes. It will be OK by 8 am in the morning we were told. I rang at 0945 on Thursday to be told that last update at 0900 stated that there would be an update later today. I rang again at 1550 to be told that the planned outage ( ????????? ) had been finished at 1513, only to find that the broadband and DSL lights on our modem and router were out, so we would not be getting back on to the web. After some considerable mucking about by our ISP I was eventually informed that we would get an engineer today. Well this one turned up, and I have spent the rest of today getting various bits of data together, and I hope to read your posts tomorrow. I can only humbly apologise for the delay, but hope to sort this out in the very near future. Many, many thanks if you read this and thank you for your patience.

  Housten 15:20 11 Apr 2013

chub_tor and spuds,

Good afternoon, Gentlemen

What I forgot to mention is that whilst being off the net I tidied my desk - to say it was a bit untidy is really being rude to untidy desks!!! What I found at the bottom of a big pile was an old laptop of mine and which had a Logitech Marble 4 button mouse attached to it. As I couldn't have used this for at least 6 years - that is how old this desk top is and I have gone through XP, Vista and am now on Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium - I realised I would need to download an updated driver from Logitech. This I did yesterday afternoon/evening, 2 actually! I installed the 3.5MB one this morning and it is working very well. The second download was of 17 MB and I am unsure as to whether or not to install that one! I think I will give the current one a week to see how it goes, and then I may - emphasise, may - try installing the other. But the most important thing is that I have a working trackball again, thanks to you two kind gentlemen. It was only your comments that caused me to have a look and see that this particular trackball is still current, because I would otherwise have assumed that the driver had not been updated and would have thrown it away and looked for another - so it saves cost of buying a new one as well!!!!

So, many, many thanks to both of you and my humble apologies once again for taking so long to voice my reply to you.

  spuds 16:31 11 Apr 2013

Housten - Good news and result, thanks for the update.

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