New Tower required

  MAJ 12:06 07 Oct 2003

Hello people, I hope you can help. Last night a mate of mine had an almighty power surge and even with the surge protector (the next one will be a Belkin, you can be sure of that), his computer wouldn't restart. I collected it this morning to check it out, thinking it was maybe the PSU that had taken the brunt of the surge, but no, it blew the motherboard, and possibly the CPU as well. I 'phoned and told him the bad news, he said the only thing in the house used more than the computer was the washing machine, so I have his credit card here at the ready.

I need a fairly inexpensive tower, below £400 if possible and closer to £300 would be better. He uses the computer mostly for work related things, Office 2000 (which he has), surfing and the kids play a few games but the graphics card in the busted computer is a TNT 16MB jobbie, so nothing tooooo powerful is needed in the new tower. The CPU was around 700MHz so a new Atlon woud be nice, maybe a Athlon XP 2000+ or better. Memory, 256 MB minimum. Hard drive, 40 - 60 gig. Operating system is not important as he has his own 98SE disk, but if there was an OS already on so much the better. CD-ROM drive and CDRW drive for back up.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction to a reputable supplier.

Anything else you need to know just ask.

  mark e 12:14 07 Oct 2003

try click here
I have used them in the past and any problems they exchange the goods without hassle as I once found out.


  Djohn 12:14 07 Oct 2003

click here This is my local dealer, both well established and reputable. Excellent service and good prices to match. Each PC is assembled by an individual and throughly checked before sending out to customer. j.

  Agent Smith 12:16 07 Oct 2003

I used these people click here to buy a graphics card and scanner in the past they have been great and just look at their PC bundles. I'm thinking of an upgrade from my XP1700+ soon and I will probably shop there again.

  johnnyrocker 12:17 07 Oct 2003

these click here will build to your requirements at a reasonable price.


  abc77 12:50 07 Oct 2003

I have used the following two companies: click here and click here, I do not have any problems with their products.

  MAJ 12:59 07 Oct 2003

Thanks, for such a fast response people.

Djohn, I like the look of the "ATHLON 2000XP STAR BUY BASE UNIT" the "DURON 1300 MULTIMEDIA BASE UNIT" would probably have sufficed but the larger Athlon CPU would be better. As this is your local supplier and I'm sure you deal with them, and they seem to dispatch very quickly, unless a better system appears by the end of the day, I think I'll go for that one. :-)

  pj123 13:02 07 Oct 2003

Also try here. This is also mine and djohn other local supplier click here

  Djohn 13:33 07 Oct 2003

Yes, They built my PC for me two years back, and have ether done up-grades themselves, or given me full instructions and guidance over the phone when I do my own. The only fault I have. It can be very boring at times. The PC works similar to the TV, I turn it on and it works to perfection day after day after...... :o(

  whatchamacallit 13:55 07 Oct 2003

I use this company,I have been happy with there service and price, sorry I dont know how to put (click here).

  Djohn 14:03 07 Oct 2003

If you had put www. in your recommended address and used lower case letters, it would have changed to a Blue "Click here" when it appeared in the forum. Like this. click here

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