new toshiba laptop unable to connect to belkin

  absent 22:16 05 Dec 2008

Attempting to get my daughters Christmas present up and running before the big day, memories of setting up scalectrix etc are coming back to haunt me. The router is a BelkinFSD 7632 uk, the laptop has visa home premium and is able to see our network, I enter our security passphrase in the connect to a network dialog but get the message that windows is unable to connect!

  absent 23:38 05 Dec 2008

Existing PC`s are XP.

  dawood 01:28 06 Dec 2008

I think you are having problem to connect your daughter's new laptop to wireless network, you can check out this wireless network troubleshooting tips to help you. click here

  tullie 09:33 06 Dec 2008

Have you set it up wired first?

  absent 10:33 06 Dec 2008

Thanks dawood, tullie do I need to set it up wired first?

  tullie 10:57 06 Dec 2008

I have allways been advised to setup wired first,others may advise different.Try it then unplug wire and switch on wireless function,go to icons in system tray,locate your network and connect.

  absent 14:15 06 Dec 2008

Thank you both for your advice,when I checked out the site posted by dawood it mentioned MAC address filtering, I then remembered I had enabled this on our network! Found the MAC for the laptop added it to the router and all is now working fine.

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