New Tivo box poor picture quality

  Number six 23:38 20 Oct 2013

On Virginmedia cable TV. I have just upgraded to a Tivo box from a standard V box (without HD recorder) and have noticed that the picture quality is quite noticeably worse in both SD and HD. A look at a few forums has revealed that many people have had the same experience, some being so disappointed that they have returned the Tivo and gone back to their old standard box. No-one seems to have actually asked why this picture degrading should be happening.

So, a couple of theories:

1) Because the Tivo has 3 internal tuners for viewing or recording up to three channels simultaneously, the available bandwith for each is much less, resulting in higher compression/lower bitrate. 2) Since your currently viewed channel is being constantly recorded to HD, you are in fact watching the buffered/recorded content from the HD, rather than genuinely "live" TV. This may be more compressed than the original signal. 3) The internal build and component quality of the new Tivo box is simply worse than the older standard boxes.

I have not changed any viewing settings, both old and new are in 1080i display.

Any comments or opinions, please.

  BT 08:21 21 Oct 2013

I had mine upgraded a couple of months ago and as far as mine goes I think the picture quality is better than the old HD box.

Do you have both the Scart and HDMI connections joined up? If so it might be worth disconnecting the Scart lead. I had both connected and found that my TV defaulted to the Scart connection at each switch on and I didn't always notice it.

If this doesn't solve the problem get VM back to have the box replaced. There are faulty boxes. When I had mine installed the first one the engineer put in (brand new out of the box) wouldn't work at all and he had to change it for another one.

  nickf 08:23 21 Oct 2013

I would also suggest you double check all connections . I have a Tivo and the only time i have had a problem was a loose connection .

  steviekm 09:53 21 Oct 2013

hi used to have tivo etc (recently moved to a non cabled area) and found that in line with most reviews the tivo gives a slightly better standard and h/d picture than sky etc. If anything the main issue (apart from the clunky operating system) with tivo is sound distortion especially with catch up services such as BBC i-player etc; its so bad its unusable...but that's a different story. Its also possible that you have a duff unit as this isn't uncommon either. Have you checked your hdmi cables etc?-you will be surprised at how often these can cause problems... good luck,


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