New Tft flat screen monitor problems

  hspurs 23:20 07 Sep 2003

I bought a new Hp f1703 17 inch tft monitor today, But I am having problems running games. All the games i have tried like command conquer genrals and star trek elite forces are sticking and are unplayable.
I have a geforce 4200 graphics card 512 meg ram and apentium 2.53 cpu. The games run fine with my old monitor. The monitor is fine browsing the net and anything else except running games.
Can anybody help

  Djohn 23:27 07 Sep 2003

Have you set the resolution of the monitor correct? usually 1024x768 for 17" TFT, also check your graphic card's display refresh rate. Set this to 60hz to start with, some will go to 75hz. Don't worry about the low setting, TFT's don't need the high refresh like CRT displays do. j.

  Djohn 23:28 07 Sep 2003

That should be 1280x1024 for 17" TFT

  hspurs 23:34 07 Sep 2003

Thanks djohn have already tried 60hz and 1280*1024
With no sucess. Any other suggetions?

  powerless 23:37 07 Sep 2003

Define sticking?

In XP the refrsh rate for games is locked at 60 there is a fix somewhere.

Have you updated the GFX drivers? click here

  hspurs 23:41 07 Sep 2003

Have downloded latest nvidia drivers today Version: 45.23.and install. Games stop and go every couple of frames one mouse click action takes seconds.

  Ironman556 23:50 07 Sep 2003

Do you have the drivers installed for your new TFT (I had to install mine manually as Windows set it as a standard plug n play)

Have you tried swapping back to your old monitor to check that your graphics are working ok?

  hspurs 00:02 08 Sep 2003

Silly me tried old monitor same problem with graphics on games.So its not the monitor.any suggetions.
Many thanks for the help

  Djohn 00:08 08 Sep 2003

Sure that I saw on this forum, you need to remove old drivers before installing new. Did you do that?

  Ironman556 23:14 08 Sep 2003

Have you tired uninstalling the graphics card totally (set it to Standard VGA), including all other software, then install new drivers.

Did the TFT come with any software to adjust/setup the display colours etc.? Maybe that's upset the graphics if you've installed it? Try disabling, and/or removing.

  hspurs 07:28 09 Sep 2003

Thanks for all the help everybody. Has it happens went to do what ironman556 said and found out the fan on the graphics card is not working. The card is very very hot. So i think i will have to buy a new graphics card.

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