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new tablet will not connect to router

  laptopdunce 21:16 01 Aug 2016

I have bought a new Denver TAQ-90022MK2 9" tablet and am setting it up with my stuff, it detects all the available wifi networks and my own house router, but it wont connect even when I put the Wpa2 code from the back of the router, keeps coming up with "authentication problem" what can be wrong here? thanks laptopdunce (my other denver tablet logs on to my own router just fine)

  laptopdunce 21:20 01 Aug 2016

Sorry forget that!! I am a dunce after all, its just connected when I clicked "forget" and re put in the WPA2 code, I must have had the wrong sequence of letters/numbers/upper case before as now it is connected, thanks, laptopdunce

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