New system seems very slow. 3D GFX especially

  BlitZace 12:27 23 May 2003

Bit of a technical question this... so get ya thinking caps firmly on! I recently purchased a new system, and have a few queries about it. The system comes with an AMD Athlon 3000+ CPU, 1024MB PC2700 RAM, Asus A7N8X M/B (rev. 2.0) Connect 3D Radeon 9800 Pro Graphics card, and Windows XP Pro. I might be a bit quick to judge but it seems to me that the system isn't performing as well as should be expected. I installed and ran UT2003 with full detail and a resolution of 1280x1024. It runs more than good enough to play, yet it seems very skippy and jerky in places. Also I ran 3D Mark 2001 and recieved a score of 15,799. Now what I would like to know is whether this is infact a decent score for this system setup? As I was expecting something close to 17,000. I have AGP Fast Write disabled and wonder if this should be left on? Also does the AGP aperture size affect anything? Any suggestions at all would be much appreciated. And of course, if this is an average or above average performance for this system then I won't worry too much.

I was also wondering whether it would be worth considering purchasing 2 of these click here to replace my existing RAM. What kind of speed increase would I get by using them?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice - JT

  hugh-265156 13:06 23 May 2003

agp apeture size wont show much of an improvement when bumped up but needs to be set to at least 16mb to work with the graphics card.most people recommend you set to 128 or 256 but doesnt really for your 3dmark score i think 15.779 is very impressive but do not judge the performance of the system on this,its artificial and doesnt mean much.try running it a few times one after the other and you will see that the score can go up or down for no apperant reason.i would leave fast writes off if smartgart sets as this,they can cause the system to become unstable and performance wise you wont see much of an increase in enabling as with apeture size,but experiment and set to whatever works for you.have you got the patch for unreal as will sort out a few issues and get cat 3.4 drivers as they will help performance here

  BlitZace 15:07 23 May 2003

Great advice there! Cheers for that :) I haven't yet upgraded UT2003, but I think I do actually have the Catalyst 3.4 drivers installed.

If anyone else has a similiar system to myself and recieved a similiar score with 3D Mark 2001, I would be interested to know. I don't really have much to compare my system against at the moment, and I'm not even sure whether it's worth upgrading the RAM click here What would you guys recommend? Upgrading the RAM or leaving it as it is? What performance gain would I recieve? Thanks again - JT

  hugh-265156 15:37 23 May 2003

click here and if you fancy a bit of tweaking and some advice click here

ps 3dmark 01se is old news bench it with 03.

  Sion 15:38 23 May 2003

I'd leave the RAM to be honest. you have 1GB of RAM in there already, and that is more than enough.

I checked through the 3dmark website to see how your score compares. There is certainly nothing wrong with your mark. Bear in mind that many of the users on 3Dmark usually overclock their cards before benchmarking their system, just to inflate their scores that extra few hundred (or somtimes thousands) of points. As such, when comparing your card to others out there, they may be getting a little more from their system than you.

Another point, you should also check you have not got a lot of programs running in the background when running your benchmark. systray, explorer are the two key components of windows that are always running, but there are also things like virus checkers, firewalls, graphics and sound programs that can eat into your 3dmark score.

hope some of this helps.

  BlitZace 17:23 23 May 2003

Nice one guys! Thanks for all the info. Gonna do a bit more research and look into what you have both said. I'll get back to you if I get an even better performance with my system :) - JT

  BlitZace 17:27 23 May 2003

Any other advice from anyone else out there is more than welcome :) I've never seen a single post go by without some kind of advice or resolution thus far. Keep it up people! Great work - JT

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