new system running slow

  pollystea 13:46 25 Jan 2003

ive just bought a new mainboard,cpu and some ram
and installed it but the system still seems to running very slow applications are slow to open and games take ages to load the only thing i can think of is the hard drive may be the cause any ideas even my old 1ghz pc was faster than this.

my system
amd 2000xp
msi kt4v mainboard
256 mb ddr 266 ram
fujistsu mpf3204at 20 gb hard drive
nvidia geoforce 2/pro graphics card
windows xp pro

  ©®@$ђ 13:55 25 Jan 2003

fujistsu hardrives are not too my liking anyway

just a though is the speed of the drive 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm

this may be down to the fact that you have installed a new motherboard,cpu,ram etc

and kept the same hardrive and operating system and applications on it, installed into this new setup (so to speak)

this can cause some confusion in windows, and therefore may slow the operation of software.

it is recommended to do a clean install of an operating system after a major upgrade, of a motherboard ,cpu and ram

this may be the problem.

  pollystea 14:06 25 Jan 2003

i already did a new installation that didnt help
the hard drive runs at 5400 rpm and its ata 66 i did go to fujitsus home page and ran a diagnostics program to which it informed me that i didnt have hard drive (strange)

  septic 19:23 25 Jan 2003

Have you checked the front side bus speeds in your cmos settings. Many mainboards by default set this at 100mhz and if your board has a fsb speed of say 266 then its running at half it's speed!
Check yor board and cpu spec and enter your bios at the starup promt (delete or f10 or whatever)and look under something like cpu settings and increase the speed if need be.

May be talking crap but it happened on mine on an 2000xp - MSI kt3 ultra 2 board!!!

did your board come with the msi fuzzy logig software as this can clock your cpu.

  septic 19:24 25 Jan 2003

sorry 'Fuzzy Logic'

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