New System Required....Any Good Advice Welcome

  skidzy 17:00 02 Feb 2006

Im looking to invest in a new PC and really looking for Something stable and was hopeing ..maybe 64 bit etc..This link is the current system im interested in click here
If anyone has a better idea,or would advise against this,please let me know.
Thankyou all

  rawprawn 18:17 02 Feb 2006

If you are looking for stability look at Dell one of the great workhorses click here

  rawprawn 18:20 02 Feb 2006

Should also have said there seem to be more problems with Mesh than any others. Type Mesh into PCA "seach" and have a look

  PC Bilbo 18:59 02 Feb 2006

It all depends on what you want to do with it.

If you just want to go on the internet and use office doc's, it would be fine.

If you want to do other things that are graphics intensive and/or need to add cards, the motherboard would be a limiting factor due to few expansion slots.Graphics is onboard and if it was set at up to it's 128MB max would take this from the 512MB RAM which is ideally the minimum XP needs to run smoothly if you multitask.

They don't say if you get a recovery disk as XP is pre-installed. I have just set up a brand new Dell Inspirion for an elderly neighbour and was disgusted that Dell just put recovery software on the hard disk but hadn't included this on a separate CD - just a warning that should the software become badly corrupted the operating system will no longer work.Ask the question before buying.

  skidzy 19:13 02 Feb 2006

Cheers Bilbo,you have opened my eyes a little about the Graphics i never realised that it would use the really im looking for something with its own graphics card ?....One good point you mentioned,If i buy a new system without a recovery disc.(xp home) ..Would it be possible to use one i already own ?....Usage of the system wouldnt be multi tasking as such,i do a bit of tinkering with photo's,web research,and really general family use.
Thanks for the input Rawprawn,your notes have been noted.I did come across a few threads who had come across a few problems with mesh..mainly the after sales service,which someone advised to contact the manager direct and he sorted the problems.Im in the process of having at a look at Evesham computers,which seem to more often than not fair very well within PCA

  PC Bilbo 21:54 02 Feb 2006

you will only be able to use a recovery disk with machine it was originally supplied with.

The likes of Dell, Mesh supply pre-installed OEM XP
which means you have to go to them for support instead of Microsoft although you still get updates and can use Microsoft online support facility.

If you don't mind OEM you can buy your own disk and install for around £60-£65.You can also download Open Office free which is compatible with MS Office for spread sheets and word documents.If you go this route make sure to get a discount!

A separate graphics card by the way should not add more than £40 for a good basic one with it's own memory (provided you don't want to play latest games.

  skidzy 22:07 02 Feb 2006

Thanks appreciated.It looks like im heading towards Evesham at the moment,most reports and the mags ive read seem to point to them.Mainly its customer service im looking for.Incase of hardware failure.Im not a techno like most of you on here,but i do know a bit about the pc.I had been thinking of trying to build a system,but again the costs dont seem to way up as opposed to buying a system from a shop with the at least a year warranty.Thanks for the advice any advice is always welcome here.

  Totally-braindead 23:18 02 Feb 2006

You could consider a Novatech system click here but whatever you buy make sure that it has either an AGP slot or better still a PCI Express slot for improving the graphics later on.

  woodchip 23:25 02 Feb 2006
  skidzy 23:37 02 Feb 2006

TB...i know nothing of Novatech...looks a good bargain for the system..realible ?

Woodchip... Im a little confused please forgive me....But the link you gave me seems to advertise TINY equipment or related to,didnt they go under ?

  Strawballs 00:45 03 Feb 2006

I use Novatech a lot and have always been pleased with their service even when some memory that I bought was faulty they changed it without question.You can use their blueprint service where you chose the components that you want and they build and configure it for you or buy a barebones and add the components from your old system that you are happy with.

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