New System - Random shut downs with no warning

  CKT 16:28 19 Jun 2005

I have just built a simple system based on a new ASUS A7V600 mobo with new Sempron 2400 CPU and new 512 DDR RAM. I have fitted one HDD, a CDRW and An old GE Force 2 Ultra graphics card [which was working perfectly in another system that I have now upgraded.

This new system booted ok the first time and I loaded Win XP in the usual way. In the first couple of days I had 2 shutdowns for no reason; however, I also ran the system for several hours with no problems. But today, I have had several random shut downs. They can occur after running for up to an hour or within a couple of minutes of switch on. In every case, the system just stops with no warning and I can only restart by switching off at the mains socket, waiting for the standby power light on the mobo to go out and then switching the mains on again. I do not have to wait for anything to cool down – if I immediately switch mains off, wait for the light to go out and then switch on again, I can reboot. I have also monitored the temps and fan speeds with ASUS probe and at the time of shut down the CPU and MB temps were well below warning level. In fact a couple of the shut downs occurred immediately after the reboot whilst windows was still carrying out the error scan on the HDD.

I can think of nothing else but a fault with the MOBO but very grateful for advice on any other possible causes.

Very many thanks in advance

  ICF 16:39 19 Jun 2005

How big is your power supply?
Can you try another stick of memory? (ie replace the one that's in)

  Joe R 16:54 19 Jun 2005


Can you check your bios, and see if your cpu is set to shutdown at a certain temperature.

I have an amd64 3200, which normally runs at 38 to 44%, but in the recent hot weather the temp has increased by around 5%.

  Joe R 16:55 19 Jun 2005


for % read degrees.

  De Marcus 17:04 19 Jun 2005

Select Start | Settings | Control Panel from the Windows taskbar.

Open the System control panel.

select the advanced tab

Select the Startup/recovery settings option.

Uncheck the Automatically restart box

Select OK and then reboot the computer.

The next time your pc crashes it won't reboot, it will give you a BSOD, note the error message and post back here, it should help determine where it's going wrong.

  gudgulf 18:08 19 Jun 2005

Oddly enough I have had a number of random freezes today too.Like yours they could occur anywhere between a few minutes to an hour or so and no warning BSOD's or other error messages.The temps registered by the cpu/motherboard/hard drive were all normal and acceptable and I could find nothing untowards in the system records .....I found that disconnecting my USB ADSL modem solved the problem.At least my son then played one of his games for almost 2 hours without problem and the pc is still running normally a further hour on.......Could it be coincidental that there are a large number of thunder storms around?

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