New System – Intermittent Failure to POST

  FCD 17:04 23 Mar 2007

My new self-build is based on an ASUS P5B-E mobo with E6600 cpu, 2 Gig RAM, 7950GT graphics card along with 2 SATA HDD, a floppy and a DVDRW. I fitted a new Hiper modular 530 watt PSU

When powering up normally, the fans spin up, the computer gives a 2 to 2 second beep, I see the normal BIOS displays and then Win XP loads.

However, approx 50% of the time, when I power up or restart, the fans spin up and nothing else happens – no beeps, no video output etc. This will occur from a cold power up, system reset or Windows restart. With no beeps, it appears that the system is not even entering post.

My very helpful dealer has tried changing RAM and graphics card and off-loading the drives. He has tried a different [550 watt] PSU. Other than this problem, he has been unable to fault the mobo – I have run the system for 12+ hours without a problem.

He is now suspecting insufficient power and is obtaining a 650 watt PSU to check. However, all advice before I purchased the system suggested that 530 watt would be more than adequate. So very grateful for advice from anyone with a similar system as to power requirements.

Also, with the P5B – E AMI BIOS, is a single beep on start up followed by a normal boot correct –the manual suggests that this indicates a fault but I have seen on the internet that one beep is normal?

Many thanks in advance

John Rooum

  FCD 07:08 31 Mar 2007

Resolved - faulty mobo


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