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  1st RHA 12:42 11 Jan 2003
  1st RHA 12:42 11 Jan 2003

Ok, new system medion 2.66Ghz Medion with Xp, old one 500mhz 98se I have one 120gb 7200 hdd 1cdrw and 1 dvd on medion leaving 1 space, old system has 6gb hdd with system on it and one 40gb hdd with nothing on it, what I would like to do is copy system from 6 to 40gb and take out the 6Gb and install in medion as slave and using partition magic 5 make it bootable so then I can sell old (after suitable cleanup) question, will the 6gb at 5400 slave slow down my 7200 120GB drive as master is this possible to do and will I just be able to copy files from c to d and have it bootable after removing c (PS I can't find 98 disc so reinstall won't work unfortunately.

PS why doesn't medion have a phone out socket on modem!!!

  pj123 13:34 11 Jan 2003

Yes you can do that. On the old machine with the 6 and 40gb hard drives got to START, RUN and type in: xcopy c:\*.* /e/h/k/r/c d:

when it has finished take the 6gb drive out, make the 40gb master and reboot.

Just one question, Why would you want to put a 6gb hard drive into a machine that has already got a 120gb hard drive?

Your ps. lots of modems these days do not have a phone socket on them. Most of them have a twin socket on the other end of the cable to plug the phone in there.

  1st RHA 13:43 11 Jan 2003

15 ft from socket (will have to get a splitter, no real prob)

As for other it has all loads of data games etc some which won't work on xp so just keeps it all available and easier to transfer.

do I type literally

xcopy c:\*.*/e/h/k/r/c d:

or do I replace anything specific for my sys eg not /e/h/k etc but just d: (the target dir)

  pj123 18:24 11 Jan 2003

Yes, go to START, RUN and type it in but make sure there is a space between *.* and /e and space between /c and D:

then press enter.

That will copy everything from the 6gb to the 40gb drive - assuming of that the 6gb is C and the 40gb is D

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