new system

  filthpig 12:36 28 Feb 2007

am looking to ugrade my computer so i can play the latest games at decent settings
currently i have :
P4 3ghz
512mb radeon AGP x 1600 pro
1 gb ddr pc 3200 400mhz
160 ide hitachi hard drive
sata dvd writer

i was thinking of buying the pentium D 3.4 ghz and keep the video card i have and buy an extra gig of ram
my system runs newish games ok but i want more CPU power
should i wait for directx 10 and vista to sort itsef out or would the components i am looking to get suffice?
any thoughts or advice would be welcome

  Kate B 12:47 28 Feb 2007

I would wait for the DX10 cards and Vista. Vista actually is fine, there are just some driver issues.

  crosstrainer 12:51 28 Feb 2007

That mobo does not appear to have a pci express (pcie) slot...if I am correct, you will not be able to upgrade to the new cards when they arrive....agp is pretty old now i'm afraid.

  donki 12:55 28 Feb 2007

Id wait cause u have a AGP and ud be wanting to go PCI express if ur wanting a better card, which means new motherboard. Im gonna start a fight now but i dont care, in my opinion if ur a gamer u should go AMD dual core everytime. Ive had both Intel and AMD and AMD for me is a better Processor. I have the 4200+ Dual Core and it eats any new game and asks for seconds :). Ur ram seems ok tbh, I have 2gig but only ever use it if playing games while doing sumthing in background.

  Devil Fish 13:28 28 Feb 2007

dont think dx10 cards will be available for agp boards

you would need to consider buying or building a new rig as upgrading yours from a gaming point of view would be a waste of cash for the small gain you may achieve

  citadel 15:21 28 Feb 2007

x1950pro agp will give massive increase for 143 pounds. available at It is not worth upgrading cpu unless you are getting a new motherboard with core 2 duo and quad support plus ddr2 and a dx10 card.

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