New SSD Trouble on Dell XPS Windows 10

  manishman 01:18 23 Nov 2018


So I recently bought a 1tb Samsung 860 evo ssd to replace my 1tb HDD in my dell xps 8700 running windows 10, 64 bit with 32gb ddr4 ram.

I used Samsung's data migration software to clone the HDD to the SSD which went well. Unfortunately my pc was not booting from the SSD no matter how much time I change the boot order in bios.

I eventually unplug my old hard drive and just up the system which booted up fine, I guess from the SSD. The thing is though, I'm not really seeing any major improvement in performance thus far. Like for instance, opening photoshop and illustrator still takes a bit of a time which is what I was hoping to reduce dramatically.

I am not thinking to plug back in my old HDD and just do a fresh install of the OS on my SSD, wiping everything off it. I do not have an installation disc however.

I would appreciate any help on guidance on how best to use this SSD for the purpose I intend to, which is graphic design and how I can start fresh.

I'm not too savvy with computer hardwares or how to do stuff, so if your answer can be as simple as possible, I would really appreciate that.

Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:25 23 Nov 2018

You can download and make a windows boot media iso direct from MS, you serial number is stored on their servers.

How ever you will need to install drivers from the dell site for your machine ad reinstall all your programs.

  Jollyjohn 14:41 24 Nov 2018

As for performance issues - it may be that your hard drive was not the bottleneck on your system thus changing it hasn't improved performance. Use Task Manager to view RAM / Disk / CPU useage when using photoshop & illustrator

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