New Srl. No. for Windows XP Pro

  thospot 12:40 14 Mar 2005

Is there an easy way of altering the registered serial number on Windows XP?.
I bought the disc from EBay and had it installed by a proffesional company. The serial number has since been found to be not genuine but I did recieve a new serial number from the person I bought it from but unfortunately this one is also not genuine. I have written again for a new number and have every hope that I will recieve one. Hope you can oblige. Thank you.....

  octal 12:46 14 Mar 2005

I don't think there is, cut your losses and buy a genuine copy of XP.

  thospot 12:50 14 Mar 2005

I don't think so, at £120

  xania 12:51 14 Mar 2005

Unfortunately, there are now a large number of pirates operating on Ebay. I tried asking a number of suppliers to confirm EXACTLY what they are offering and, whilst most ignore me, the rest send replies like - what do you expect for £25. I've also tries reporting them to Ebay and FAST, but neither seem to be really bothered - at least I'm still waiting for my first acknowlegemment from both of them.

Ebay used to be a safe way of buying software - now its more a case of - if its too cheap to be true - its a lie!!

  octal 12:56 14 Mar 2005

I don't care how much you paid, they've obviously sold you a pirate copy, if not, why is the key not genuine, I feel sorry for you, but that's life.

If it was a UK company who sold it to you, I would have a word with Trading Standards, I'm sure they would be very interested.

  happy dragon 13:02 14 Mar 2005

there is loads of product key viwers and key changers out there just type product key viewer in to google and take your pick but the problem being most of these will be crack/serial sites lots of porn site pop up's etc but in a few months time you are going to have to d/l a programe from microsoft before you can d/l microsoft updates this is to check to see if you are running a genuine copy of windows if not you cannot d/l any new updates.

  octal 13:02 14 Mar 2005

I have just been reading your post, you say a proffessional company installed XP? Whats to say the company haven't swapped your disk? Just a thought.

  thospot 13:04 14 Mar 2005

Thank you octal and xania for taking the trouble to reply. I think I will have a little cry on my wifes shoulder and then go and buy a new copy. I won't bother Trading Standards because I have tried them on a different matter and found them to be as bad as the rest now days. Thanks again.

  Confab 13:11 14 Mar 2005

I'm sure that I've read that if you supply Microsoft with all the details of your purchase (you basically report the dodgy trader) then they may provide you with a genuine key

  [email protected] 13:13 14 Mar 2005

microsoft are doing a new deal. if u try to validate your key on the website and it turns out to be non genuine. they ask you where you bought it and if u give them a valid reason they offer you a discount on a genuine serial. go to click here and then to windows update. it will ask you to validate your key. u have the option not to of course.

  octal 13:13 14 Mar 2005

One last thought. When you get your new copy, install it yourself. There's plenty of help and assistance here, then your new XP copy will never leave your grasp.

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