New Speakers

  macca40 22:00 28 Mar 2003

Going for some new speakers tomorrow
looking at these. Altec Lansing ADA 885MG £64 and Videologic ZXR 500 £56 anybody using these are they good or can you recommend any.


  flecc 22:16 28 Mar 2003

I'm using the Videologic ZXR 500 set and they are surprisingly good at the price, which was £60. The latest version is now the ZXR 550.

They're made in China which accounts for the advantageous price/performanmce ratio. They're good all round, exceptional for the price, and the strong point is vocals.

I have no experience of the Altec Lansings.

  Lú-tzé 22:18 28 Mar 2003

The ZXR 500 are excellent for the price but only have individual volume control, rather than one which over rides all.

  Ronnie-323427 22:18 28 Mar 2003

only advice I can give is the RMS value of power is the true power output.
P.M.P.O means nothing really as a value.

so go for highest rms and listen to them first if you can

  flecc 22:22 28 Mar 2003

To give an accurate reference of quality for you on those ZXR 500s, listening to the same classical piano piece from MP3 files recorded at 128 bps, 160 bps, 192 bps and 224 bps in the same Formosoft recorder, it's easy to detect the improvements at each stage.

  BeeWee 22:24 28 Mar 2003

click here

what about these speakers?

  BeeWee 22:26 28 Mar 2003

if the pc's they turn out are anything to go by these should be a good buy at 29.99

  macca40 22:37 28 Mar 2003

Thanks everyone.
flecc the sound card is a S/B live 1024--4.1 will it be o/k to set the ZXR 500s up with this card till i get 5.1 sound card

  Paranoid Android 23:38 28 Mar 2003

Yes but you won't get a centre speaker.


  Djohn 00:13 29 Mar 2003

I have the same as flecc, and I feel you won't go far wrong with the ZX500's they are excellent value for money, lovely sound and even look good. J.

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