new sound card problem

  smjl 14:55 24 Jul 2003

i've just installed a gamesurround muse 5.1 i disabled the onboard sound in bios but got no sound from new card drivers were downloaded from hercules i've tried reinstalling but to no avail i have a fic pag2130 pcb is there something i'm not doing.

  woodchip 15:00 24 Jul 2003

Does it show a speaker icon in the system tray bottom right

  smjl 15:12 24 Jul 2003

hi woodchip no it does't i'm back on my onboard sound at the moment any ideas

  smjl 15:26 24 Jul 2003

i've just disabled my onboard sound and yes there is an icon but when i click it nothing happens

  woodchip 17:37 24 Jul 2003

Have you loaded the Drivers for the new card there will be a setup file on the CD, if you are Win9 look for the folder on the CD if XP or any other look for the driver folder

  smjl 19:44 24 Jul 2003

downloaded drivers from hercules not off cd did i do right

  Totally-braindead 19:52 24 Jul 2003

smjl, had the same problem a couple of months back with a friends computer. It turned out that the motherboard didn't like the sound card being in a certain slot so try moving it to another PCI slot.

  woodchip 23:24 24 Jul 2003

You should run the CD that's what they put it in for

  Gaz 25 00:16 25 Jul 2003

Does windows detect the new card?

  Gaz 25 00:17 25 Jul 2003

Remove the old on board sound from Device manager too.

  smjl 10:43 25 Jul 2003

woodchip there are no drivers on cd i've also done what gaz said still no sound i'm lost now

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