New site display problem

  Linus Tourvalds 17:16 23 Sep 2003

first of all i would like your feedback on my site i created. i am a very ammuture so dont be to hard

secondly on one of my pages (the installation page)
it displays fine in Ie6 but in mozilla firebird and my netscape some of the images overlap.

how can i avoid this

and generally is the site good enough to put on the internet? or should i take it down?

  Linus Tourvalds 17:17 23 Sep 2003

a url would help

click here

  Gaz 25 17:37 23 Sep 2003

First of all it looks ok.

I would center the page and avoid scrolling too much.

I think this page is poor, the screen shots are very hard to see, pixely.

click here

And someone cannot spell Open office: click here

Loading times are poor on dial-up but excellent on broadband, so maybe consider the few of people that have dial-up these days.

Mainly on install page loading speed was a problem on my dial-up click here

On broadband it was quick though.

I find scrolling down on that page too much, may be have step 2 > for the next step, then step 3 > for the third step, all on seperate pages.

Or have jump tos where people can jump back to the top, or to a specific section.

Also your problem with images moving out of place, you should use TABLES.

These place hold the images better and make sure differnet browsers dont change the way it looks.

They are easy to set-up too. WYSIWYG will do this with ease, and even if you hand coded it it is simple.

Good information for those that like linux, like me.

Overall the site is good, I am not going to be hard on you, dont worry.

The above are just suggested improvements, hope they help.


  Gaz 25 17:42 23 Sep 2003

However no idea why you have to do this with linux:

Boot virus protection = No


Good site, wish I had a guide like that when installing it for the first time.


  Forum Editor 00:03 24 Sep 2003

are always welcome, and I can see us referring forum users to your site if/when the subject crops up in a thread, need to do a bit more work first.

1. As Gaz 25 says - the use of tables would work wonders, and properly done will prevent a good deal of scrolling. Lay the content out in two columns, and see how it improves the appearance.

2. Reformat the text - justified left, and change the font to Verdana. Preferably 8pt. bold, but 10pt normal if you must. This will immediately improve things visually.

3. Transpose 'Installation' and 'Why Mandrake' on the top navigation links - 'Why' should always precede 'How'.

4. Cut the phrase 'Welcome to my Mandrake Linux site'. It's not necessary to say that. The header is the place to announce the site's purpose, and you don't see authors saying 'welcome to my novel about jealousy and unrequited love' on the first page of the first chapter. let the text do its job. I would retitle the banner: "The definitive guide to installing and using Mandrake Linux". The words 'My site' should never be seen in the text, or anywhere on the site - it marks it out as an amateur affair.

Those thumbnail screenshots are awful, and even though they are linked to larger images they should be better quality than that. You can afford to double the file sizes, and they'll still load quickly enough.

I hope you don't feel I've been too hard on you - I've been honest, which is a different thing. Your site has potential, and I would like to see you realise it (the potential). For an amateur - as you call yourself - you have made an excellent start; keep going, and we'll make yours our forum reference site for Mandrake installation questions.

  Taran 01:42 24 Sep 2003

Just one point from me.

The concept of including download links for the ISO images of Mandrake is all well and good. In your case though, you have copied a download script link that requires verification from the parent URL at to prevent people leeching, which is where your page holds a download link to a file held on someone elses web host/server.

This basically means that your downloads do not work.

It would be far better to include a short statement to the effect that your site visitors may download Mandrake and burn the images to CD for installation. To do so, please visit: URL of download page.



  Linus Tourvalds 07:39 24 Sep 2003

thanks for the pointers. having a bit of trouble sorting out the tables for the installation page. Just gonna start that page again.

ill post back with the latest

cheers for the honesty

  Linus Tourvalds 14:50 24 Sep 2003

i have made all the changes suggested by fe and others

how does it look now

is it any better?

click here

  Taran 01:36 25 Sep 2003

Much better overall.

In fact your screengrabs so impressed me I felt compelled to follow your download link and I'm pulling the ISO's offline as I type.

It's been a while since I played with Mandrake so I'm rather looking forward to a lazy afternoon later this week and I'll attack one of my Toshiba notebooks with it.

I am not too fond of your page backgound colour for the body text but then again I'm colourblind so perhaps I'm not the best person to comment on that.

You are certainly on the right track with this site and I look forward to seeing more. It might be nice to include banners for your image and web editors, always assuming of course that you used the GIMP and Bluefish, Amaya or a similar HTML editor running under Linux...

Well done.

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